End Citizens United Sets Sights on Vulnerable Republican Seats

There is currently a battle going on at the highest rungs of the government ladder. Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Washington D.C. has turned into a quagmire of chaos. However, despite the very loud and apparent chaos in the White House right now, it all stems back to a decision nearly a decade ago: a Supreme Course involving the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United is a political propaganda group that has been weaponized by the GOP and it was used extensively in 2010 in order to fight for fewer restraints in the realm of campaign financing restrictions. As a result, dark money has flooded into politics. A political action committee named End Citizens United has since cropped up and they’ve become laser-focused on helping to get unseat politicians who supported the Citizens United decision.

End Citizens United was founded in direct response to the Citizens United decision in front of the Supreme Court. The group at ECU realized quickly that loosening the tethers of campaign financing laws would only serve to bring in an influx of lobbying, dark money, and dark campaign contributions that would serve to overthrow the rights of the American people. When American voters are ignored in favor of millionaire and billionaire lobbyists, the entire country is going to struggle.

Led by PAC President Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United is using the chaotic Trump Administration and the ensuing vulnerability in conservative seats in order to try and make a difference. End Citizens United is focused on supporting legislators who are willing to fight to institute a constitutional amendment in order to overturn Citizens United. With American voters more fed up than ever, there are real chances to actually make a difference during the 2018 Midterm Elections. End Citizens United has set their sights on the top-20 vulnerable seats that are being held by politicians who supported Citizens United. Among those seats are Mimi Walters (R-Irvine) Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), Darrell Issa (R-Vista) and Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine). These members of the House are all considered to be seated in extremely tenuous positions and they could lose their spot.

End Citizens United has long been putting their money where their mouth is in order to fight for the rights of the American voter. During the 2016 election, End Citizens United helped to raise and summarily donate nearly $26 million in order to support progressive candidates who wanted to end the Citizens United decision. With energy and enthusiasm on their side, End Citizens United will once again be an important factor during an election cycle. The question, now, begs to be asked: will End Citizens United be able to raise enough awareness in order to push for real change? So far it certainly seems to be the case.

End Citizens United’s Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

Investing Explained By Igor Cornelsen

Brazilian banking legend, Igor Cornelsen has been known as one of the most important financial figures in Brazil since the 1990s when he made the decision to embark on a career as a specialist in investment banking. Using the fast-moving Brazilian economy as the basis of his education in the markets, Cornelsen understands the path to financial security for as many of his clients and followers as possible does not always run smoothly which has led to his personal beliefs and strategies being created to provide as much certainty of success as possible. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Among the areas, Igor Cornelsen has taken on as his champion investment opportunities include the need to diversify any portfolio to create a successful future speared the problems of issues facing a single area. The investment specialist who now spends the majority of his time in semi-retirement playing golf in Southern Florida but he also feels his skills as an investment specialist have not dimmed over time and give him the chance to pass on his own ideas and strategies to his followers on social media. A diversified portfolio of Cornelsen means one taking an investor to different industrial areas and a range of investment opportunities in nations across the planet.

There are two areas the Brazilian financial analyst uses to provide his followers with a glimpse into the latest news and advice about the financial markets including a growing interest in social media. Using Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter has allowed the former investment banker to explain his views on the latest moves on the financial markets in a real-time way. Read more about Igor Cornelsen

Not only does Igor Cornelsen believe his skills can aid any individual and company in developing a successful investment strategy for their own economic future but he also explains his belief he should inspire as many people as possible to invest from as early an age as possible. Making sure one can also live a comfortable life is another tip from Cornelsen as he believes taking care of the present is just as important as investing in the future.


What Rick Smith is Doing for Securus

Securus has been a successful company since they started. They are helping prison administrators who do not have a lot of support and that’s what has allowed the company to grow. They know what they are doing and the right way to connect with these administrators. Rick Smith is the CEO of the company and he has learned there are different ways he can help them connect. He also knows there will be new options people can benefit from when they make the choice to use Securus to bring attention to the business they are in. It will help them provide people with the things they need and with the options they can use to make their own lives better. Everything Securus does goes back to their customers and the right way to give them the opportunities they need. Rick Smith is sure of his role in the community and does what he can to make that better. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on prnewswire.com.

By always being a big part of the company, Rick Smith knows what he can do to help people. He has always tried to show them he is a positive influence and is doing things the right way. He also knows there will be a way for him to make sure he can help people and make sure he is giving the community what they need. It is part of how they can continue to help people and part of how things will get better for people like Rick Smith.

Now that the company has acquired JPay, they know they want to keep expanding and helping their clients in the prison sector. The JPay acquisition is a big part of their business and a big part of how they can keep helping people. In addition to the services it will give the community, it will also help those who are in the business learn how they can get the right type of communication for the things they need. Everything Rick Smith has done with Securus and now JPay are things that he could do to make it better for people who are in the industry.

Know more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/SECURUS-Technologies-Reviews-E40390.htm

Looking at these options has helped Rick Smith make sure he is doing things right. He knows there will always be a chance he can try different things and there will be ways in which he can benefit from the companies working together. With both Securus and JPay being a part of the same company, Rick Smith knows what he can do. He knows there will be opportunities for him to be successful. Out of everything he has done, he is confident in the skills he has and in the opportunities he can use to help prisons. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) UK Capital & Financing

Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) provides financial services and products backed by equity-based investments. The company provides capital and financing solutions for investors and businesses around the world. They focus on working with high-net worth individuals and have a growing client base around the world. With over fifteen years of experience, EFH was founded in 2002 and has successfully completed seven hundred transactions since its inception. The company has a commitment to integrity, discipline and patience which founder Al Christy Jr. explains is vital to the success of his business. He founded EFH on techniques that were hand crafted and tested by Al Christy Jr. himself. The investment strategies were researched and adapted to a system that has been successful in over eight markets today. EFH has offices in the UK, USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong among other emerging growth areas. Financial capital based on stocks, bonds and other forms of equity have led EFH to be at the forefront in an industry where many traditional lenders or financial institutions can’t compete.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Nothing is Too Big for Her

When it comes to juggling things and handling life, there is nothing that anyone could put out there for Dr. Jennifer Walden that is going to overwhelm her or stress her out. She never stresses and she never presses. When she puts her mind to something, she is going to get it done. It starts with her research. She is an innovator in the field and prides herself on being at the top of her game. She does not want to settle for being second best. She is very competitive, but it is for all of the right reasons. She wants women to know they can do anything and they can be anything in today’s world.

As a plastic surgeon, she is as real as it gets. This is someone that has raised children and she has worked for everything in her life. Nothing has been handed to her. Because of this, she wants women to know they deserve the life they want and the life they need. If they are unhappy about their appearance or something is not to their liking, she is going to go out of her way to make it right for them. She takes tremendous pride in her work, and it shows.

As a matter of fact, she has many repeat customers and she has a tremendous word of mouth. One of the greatest compliments that a surgeon can get is when they hear that someone talked glowingly about them to someone else. She is grateful for the mentors in her life. She has been a sponge when it comes to absorbing information and asking questions. She never thinks she knows it all and has all of the answers. She knows that is a dangerous path to fall down for someone. Because of her mentors and her work ethic, she is in the position she is in today, where people flock from all over to see her. To know more about her click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven that if you have determination and won’t take no for answer, you can achieve great success. She is an inspiration to both women and men out there.

Equities First Holdings In The UK

Equities First Holdings has gone into the UK because that is all part of their plan to help their company grow. They know that they need to go to new countries and economies to offer loans that will help their clients, adn they are certain that they can give people the best loans based on their unique business model. The business model is really interesting because they do not force information about of their clients when they apply. All the information that is required from the client can fit on one application, and it will help them get their loans funded.

The UK market is very different from others, and Equities First has made sure that they can get people into the offices and offer them better loans. The helpful offices that people visit will be the best place to get a loan in the UK because they provide so many more options.

Netpicks: Netpicks Examined

Netpicks has become increasing popular over the past decade. Netpicks provides a sophisticated and well organized trading based system for seasoned traders. Netpicks is specifically geared toward Traders which trade over a Forex based platform. In addition, Traders that trade stocks and options would without a doubt find Netpicks quite beneficial.

Basically, a seasoned Trader could gain additional knowledge and become more educated about various aspects of the trade market by utilizing Netpicks and everything that it has to offer. Netpicks has been in business for over two decades. In addition, the company provides a variety of valuable tools that can help a Trader or Financial Specialist exceed their financial goals. Financial Independence is a common goal for most business professionals. Using Netpicks tools and strategies can help just about any professional within the financial market become successful.

Netpicks offers various trading systems designed for the professional trader, broker or financial analyst. The trading systems include Stock Market Trading system, Futures Trading system, Options Trading as well as the Forex Trading system. It is a simple matter of deciding which trading program would be the most useful. Netpicks has an on line questionnaire that can help a broker/agent decide which program would be most beneficial. Access their tutorial blogs on ther facebook.com page.

Financial professionals are invited to sign up on line for free seminars. The seminars are quite helpful for established traders as well as those new to the business. The company based seminars can help professionals gain knowledge about what stocks would be the best choice for trading purposes. In addition, the seminars would also help day traders to become more informed while trading across a Forex based trading platform. Hit on dailyforexreport.com to read a relevant article on socially responsible investment.

*Swing Trading/ Netpicks Founder:

Swing Trading is also a technique that can be easily learned. This kind of trading allows professionals to swing trade the Forex based markets within a relatively short period of time. Swing Trading should be done at least a few times per week in order to receive the maximum benefits.   Check this link on netpicks.com.

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Mark Soberman is the original founder of Netpicks. Mr. Soberman is a competent trading professional that enjoys passing down his skills and knowledge about the market through the Netpick trading system. Mark Soberman stresses the importance of reducing risk when trading. Once risk is significantly reduced the trader experiences less stress and has a better chance of trading successfully through a Forex Platform.  Start getting connected, hop over to this useful link.

Additional trading tips on http://www.netpicks.com/trading-tips/

Dr. David Samadi: The Urologist With A Vision

There might be a lot of information you can read about Dr. David Samadi online, but how much of the articles you read could actually be useful? Some of the pieces could just be noise, and reading them could even be detrimental to your health because they’re filled with distractions. In this article, we will try to address that by offering you an updated and relevant set of information about David Samadi. In particular, we will provide you with a recap of the latest interviews that David Samadi did with reputable news sites. Let’s start.

The Interview Recap From Ideamensch

Some of the latest news you can read today about David would be the loquacious interview that he did with Ideamensch. There’s a lot of information you can read about the meeting, and the full transcript can be found here. In the transcript, you can read some of the creative ideas solutions, and tips that David intended us the readers to appreciate and ponder on.

He also mentioned about the various strategies that he applies in his career. Some of them would be the strategy he has on using results-driven solutions to make sure that he gets the results he needs. It is also in the interview that we learned that David doesn’t want to inculcate jealousy and envy in the culture of business that he wants to employ.

Professional Profile of David B. Samadi

Dr. David is one of the celebrity doctors today, and he’s right now the Chairman of Urology as well as the Chief Doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital‘s Robotic Surgery department. It’s also important to know that David’s a board-certified urologist whose specialty has helped hundreds of people deal with various urologic ailments, which include prostate cancer, bladder cancer and diseases of the kidney.

Some of the occupations that Dr. Samadi held included being Hofstra North Shore’s Professor of Urology. It’s also useful to assess how much trust you put in David by knowing the fact that he’s the Program Director in a lot of residency hospitals in Urology across the U.S.

It may also be necessary to write here that Dr. Samadi’s born and grew up in a small community that has Persian Jewish roots. It was in Belgium and London that Dr. Samadi got first his formal education, but it was in New York that Dr. Samadi completed high school, particularly in Roslyn, New York.

Dr. David Samadi Info: interview.net/dr-david-samadi/

Lori Senecal is a Sought-after Leader in Sales and Marketing

Businesswoman Lori Senecal has achieved wild her success over the course of her career and has been recognized as one of the women who have helped pave the ways for other women in business and as leaders. Lori Senecal is working at Crispin Porter & Bogusky as the Global Chief executive officer of the corporation.

When asked about how she has achieved such success, Lori Senecal always credits her upbringing and her older siblings who have served as role models in her childhood. Lori Senecal believes that true leaders have what it takes to succeed because of a proper upbringing and an affinity for honesty and learning.

Lori Senecal achieved a degree in Sales and Marketing from university and doe straight into her career in business. Over the years Lori Senecal demonstrated an innate talent for leading teams and projects into success and received several promotions.

In 2003, Lori Senecal launched the marketing unit for young adults called TAG Ideation. The unit was successful as Lori Senecal applied her innovation skills and expertise in multinational marketing. Over the years Lori Senecal has worked with a vast number of leading global corporation such as Nestle, Staples, Xbox, Weight Watcher’s, Molson, InBev, Nabisco, and many other global brands. Lori Senecal has worked at Coca-Cola as well as its Global Accountant Director.

According to GCReport, from October 2005 till 2008, Lori Senecal served at the Worldwide Communications Group Inc. as the Chief Marketing Officer of the global corporation. Lori Senecal was responsible for the efficient marketing of the business and was a leader in a vast number of projects.

In 2009 Lori Senecal started working at the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. There, she served in leadership positions such as Partner, President, and Chief executive officer. Afterwards, Lori Senecal was a part of the MDC Partenrs Inc for a year until 2015. She was Director and Chief executive officer of the corporation.

Lori Senecal assumed her current position in 2015. In April that year, she took up another job as well and so she became Director of Advertising Council, Inc. Lori is working both positions and has a track record of enhancing everything she touches.

Read more: http://www.adweek.com/agencies/lori-senecal-global-ceo-of-cpb-will-step-down-at-the-end-of-2017/

Netpicks: Improving your Trading

Netpicks is an online and day trading company based in the United States. When it comes to the provision of education standards in trading, Netpicks has been the gold standard in the industry. From signals to systems. Stocks, forex, options, futures, and ETFs in swing and day trading, Netpicks is a company that concentrates on helping the new and regular traders make it to the world out of the industry. The company has helped a wide range of traders succeed in this industry towards making their ends meet for future benefits.

Netpicks has its main headquarters in Texas. The company has also trained a wide range of people to bring wealth through enhancing the trading experience in the industry. Netpicks has more than 25 years of professional and personal experience helping other traders gain traction in the industry. The company is now working towards making this industry better for those looking towards developing a wide range of solutions for this business. The company also prides itself for possessing the passion for teaching others in succeeding in this industry through their dedicated team of staff members. Each member of the trading union makes the same trades to assist others to make an independent choice when it comes to bulk trading.  Read more about trading here.

In a world where the acquisition of knowledge and choice is paramount, we need to understand that there are limited choices to make to succeed in this industry. We also need to know that we can’t receive every information given to us in the same measure. This is the process of turning information into usefulness when working towards making our lives better in the industry.  Read and learn from tutorial blogs available on their facebook.com page.

Whatever you assimilate your attention, you will assimilate the proportionate action towards acting on the message the channel delivered. For this reason, we need to select the best source of information out of the numerous available in the industry. Day trading, which is the toughest form of trading in the industry, is considered sleek for business growth. If you focus on the wrong information when trading, you will lose your money and investment. Therefore, choose Netpicks as the best.  For their recent timeline activity updates, hit on crunchbase.com.

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:Learn more from this article on https://www.dailyforexreport.com/netpicks-top-4-green-etf-selections-socially-responsible-investment/