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Securus Technologies succeeds in improving inmate communication in U.S

Securus Technologies Company is the leading telecommunication service provider that has tailored their services for prisons and security agencies. The Company has been in the communications industry for a long time where it has served over 2000 correctional facilities over the years. They have expanded their services across Canada and other states in America. The Company has invested more than $ 600 million to advance modern technology services.


Securus Technologies headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. The Company has grown to employ about 1000 permanent employees and 2000 others hired to work on contract basis. The Company holds over 2000 contracts across the world.

Securus has installed applications in their system that translates the conversations to capture every detail in a discussion no matter the language used. The platform is safe and secure hence inmates can be guaranteed of their privacy. The company has remained to be reliable and credible. Securus is always open to its prospective clients, competitors and potential investors who would like to learn how their systems work in their headquarters.


Mr. Smith Eric, Securus Technologies CEO, aims at providing satisfying products and excellent customer experience. The Company’s main aim is to monitor inmate activities, which helps to reduce crime rate and also to provide them with a means to communicate with the loved ones. Securus offers various services such as public information management solutions, inmate self-service, product inspection, communication, information management, emergency response, investigation and incident management.

Securus Technologies has proved its credibility for the last 30 years by connecting inmates with their families. The employees are committed to their work to provide an exceptional technology solution that is advanced and also offers public safety to the officials and incarcerated individuals. The company has employed many professionals such as engineers, designers, and technologist who have acquired excellent skills in providing what’s best in the technology industry.


Ted Bauman: Economist to Writer

     A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman is a respected economist, businessman, leader, and writer in his field. Bauman holds postgraduate degrees in both History and Economics. While going to school in his new South African home, Bauman became aware of the good that his work in the field of economics could do for the people around him. After his graduation, Bauman made the decision to go into fund management and housing programs. His work with low-cost housing resulted in his eventual co-founding of Slum Dwellers International This organization is still operating successfully today. Slum Dwellers International has created substantial effort for change in South Africa and over 30 other countries. Through his work Bauman enjoyed a long career within South African society, even working with the South African government.

Eventually, Bauman saw the need for international change and branched out to explore other opportunities within his field. He worked alongside many well-known organizations to expand his international vision, including the United Nations and the World Bank. This experience expanded his contacts with benevolent organizations and solidified his position as a major player in international low-cost housing solutions. After visiting over 75 countries and working for several organizations, Bauman eventually took an executive position with Habitat for Humanity. In his new position, he worked for Habitat for Humanity’s international division as Director of International Housing Programs. While this position allowed him to settle for the first time in years, it also created a sense of vocational yearning. He decided that he should take the time to focus on writing and contributing to his field. To accomplish this, he left his job with Habitat for Humanity and started working with Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director.

Currently, Bauman is still employed as an Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. He acts as an editor for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He continues to contribute to economic research, publishing in the international journals of Microfinance and Small Enterprise Development. Bauman has even gone as far as to publish in South African media, proving a connection to his vocational roots. His biggest success, currently, is his co-authorship of the book, Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally). Surely, Bauman’s newfound success as a writer is reflective of the commitment he has put in over the course of a long career and a momentum that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team up to Develop New Treatment System

Access to advanced cancer care data is now possible for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The network of hospitals have paired with NantHealth and Allscripts to build a new treatment platform that utilizes the Clinical Pathways program. This interface operates under NantOS, a clinical operating system developed with the knowledgeable contribution of oncologists nationwide. Over 2,700 treatment regimens are included in the system and covers all cancer types, modalities, and subtypes. The program is available for use to every cancer patient within the five US based locations.

Clinical Pathways gives physicians the option to extract unbiased, medically proven data from a large medical library. This library holds a large volume of peer-reviewed literature maintained by a full-time staff of leading oncologists, nurses, clinical professionals. Through the interface, patients and physicians can select customized cancer treatment regimens to make decisions and ease the process of treatment. To assist with insurance and speed up approval, clinical data can be sent to providers using the system. Included in the Clinical Pathways systems are: treatment option comparisons, clinical data, custom treatment regimens, updated medical guidelines, descriptive drug side effects, and many more aspects.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is lead by the headquarter location in Boca Raton, Florida and consists of five network hospitals, located in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arizona. With their focus being on adult patients, the hospitals specialize in advanced cancer treatment options including immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Patients of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are supported medically and emotionally through medically driven support therapies and are encouraged to participate in choosing their treatment option. Comprehensive treatment information is always made available to them. More information about the network can be found at

Larkin and Lacey — Freedom Fighters for America

For the past 10 years Arizona has seen an influx of migrants into the state. This presents many new opportunities for those Mexican citizens who may have not had access to alternative ways of life in Mexico. Many of them come searching for a better future and better ways of protecting and caring for their families.

The immigrants who have come in through the Arizona border have been forced to do so as a direct result of the increased militarization of border patrol along the US and Mexico border in California. Operation Gatekeeper was the name given to the abrupt change in policy to keep immigrants out of the United States.

When immigrants cross the border into America through California, New Mexico, and Arizona they face harrowing conditions. They must brave the harsh desert, deadly desert creatures, corrupt cartels who engage in kidnapping and human trafficking, and the guns at border patrol.

Between the years of 2003 and 2004 alone, more than 234 immigrants died along the journey. By 2005v the numbers increased to 282. Every year, the number continues to grow.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists in Arizona; they founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Recently, due to unlawful actions taken by sheriffs in Arizona, the two were illegally apprehended and arrested.

They were eventually released and awarded a $3.75 million settlement. They used the money to fund various organizations dedicated to increased migrant rights in Arizona. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The arrest of Lacey and Larkin was a direct violation of their 1st Amendment Rights as American citizens. They were kidnapped from their homes in the dark of night and dragged into jail cells because of unconstitutional grand jury proceedings requesting the notes from reporters who were covering Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The fallout from the case resulted in the uncovering of mass infringement on the constitutional rights of citizens. It was revealed that citizens who had nothing to do with the case had been placed under surveillance.

Reports show that a grand jury in Arizona requested the identities of regular citizens who had read the New Times article concerning the case. This is a classic example of the mass surveillance state we live in in the United States.

Michael and Jim have created the Lacey and Larkin Fund to defend the rights of civils rights advocates. It is important that we support services like this, because without them, the surveillance state will prevail. Lacey and Larkin are supporting the advancement of all oppressed groups including migrants, minorities, and women.

They are strict proponents of the freedom of speech and have sacrificed their time and resources to protecting this vital freedom. The Lacey and Larkin fund represents the true meaning of “Make America Great Again.”

An Insight on OSI Group

OSI Group is considered to be one of the most prominent firms serving in the industry of food and beverage. This prominence has been achieved through offerings its clients with food products that are value added. OSI Group provides meals which range from breakfast, desserts, side dish to snacks. Most of the products produced by the company are protein items like pork, hot dogs, bacon, processed chicken as well as pizza among others. Based in Aurora, OSI Group was first launched in 1909 and has ever since undergone a lot of growth and development. The company has been existence for a very long time and has over the years continued to improve the quality of their products and customer service.

Initially, the food company was referred to as OSI Industries but later changed to OSI Group in the year 2004. Currently, OSI Group has created employment opportunities for more than 20,000 employees. The company was ranked position 136th in the list of Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies in 2011. Over the years, OSI Group has been able to maintain its position as a leader in the industry of food and beverages and is known for its provision of meat merchandise of the best quality. Immediately after being launched, OSI Group became the sale distributors of meat to the newly opened McDonalds. After McDonalds grew to become one of the big restaurants in the country with many units opening, so did OSI Group. The company offered fresh beef patties to the restaurant to make their signature beef burgers.

Currently, OSI Group serves some of the most popular brands in the world such as Starbucks, KFC, Subway and McDonald among others. In 2016, Forbes listed the food company as position 58 on its list of the America’s Largest Private Companies. OSI Group has extended its capacity by acquiring manufacturing companies. Recently, the company acquired Baho Food which is a Dutch private company involved in the processing of meat products. Based in Netherlands and Germany, Baho Food has 5 branches which are Henri de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Gelderland Frischwaren. The acquisition of Baho Food has enabled OSI Group to expand its business, especially in Europe. OSI Group also acquired the Tyson Foods Plant in June 2016. Based in Chicago, the company made different meals for the industry of hospitality. Tyson Foods Plant made items such as crepes, meatballs, soup, omelets, sauces, tempura, as well as chicken bleu.

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Up-Close with Jose Auriemo Neto and How He has Revamped Brazil’s Real Estate Industry Through JHSF Participacoes SA

Jose Auriemo Neto’s reputation as a staunch entrepreneur remains unmatched. Since his appointment as President of JHSF, a prominent real estate company, Jose has proven to be a force to reckon with based on his insightful leadership and keen business acumen. While holding such an influential post, Jose Auriemo has been at the forefront in executing excellent strategies aimed at setting up luxury projects in prime locations. For instance, Jose is known for developing buildings that not only create demand for growth but also distinguish themselves as trendsetters in the industry.

While at the helm of the company, Jose Auriemo is credited with extending JHSF’s scope as a prominent business partner in the retail and hospitality sector. Through such formidable partnerships, the company has forged stable relationships with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Emilio Pucci, and Valentino. According to Jose, the primary impetus lies in increasing a property’s value by collaborating with flagship brands that will undoubtedly attract new customers. In essence, proceeds from such partnerships will go a long way in attracting other brands and cater for the bills in the long run.

In a much clearer perspective, the Fasano hotel serves as the perfect example of this rapidly evolving consumer trend. The hotel’s location next to luxurious residences and a high-end golf course should be more than enough to captivate interested buyers willing to profit from the real estate industry.

Jose Auriemo Neto in Brief

Jose Auriemo Neto is widely considered to be a maverick in the real estate industry. As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of JHSF Participacoes, Mr. Auriemo has significantly contributed to the development of real estate properties in Brazil. Apart from overseeing the brand’s unique prominence in public developments and office buildings, Jose Auriemo Neto also strives to manage the company’s impressive portfolio in Sao Paulo, which includes the Ponta Negra shopping complex and the Metro Tucuruv.

Matt Badiali: An Expert In The Field Of Investing In Natural Resources

     Matt Badiali is a man of many talents and skills who is an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industries, and a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing. He has studied and researched information about natural resources for more than 20 years and likes to work closely with his investment prospects. Over the years, for the purpose of business, he has visited Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Iraq, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinea. In fact, he has been all over the world to check out opportunities related to oil wells and mines, and he excels at picking the brains of CEO’s about their most recent resource possibilities. He, firmly, believes that if you want to know what is happening with your investments, you need to go have a look for yourself.

Matt Badiali not only keeps himself up-to-date with the latest news about natural resource investment possibilities, but he also keeps himself up-to-date with modern technology and the internet. On his Facebook page, his followers are treated to posts about his latest discoveries related to the investing and natural resources. He also has reviews there from people who read some of his articles and are extremely appreciative of what they have learned from them. On his Twitter page, Badiali tweets out some of his latest articles from Banyan Hill Publishing. On Tumblr he has shared articles, such as how, “Saudi Arabia Manipulates the Oil Price Higher,” and on his Google+ page people can learn plenty from him about buying precious metals and other recent investment news.

Matt Badiali studied at Penn State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science in the Earth Sciences while there. He went on to earn his Masters in Geology while attending Florida Atlantic University. He has used everything he learned from both of these institutions to not only better understand the world’s natural resources, but also how to make smart investing decisions in the same industry. The information he learns and his watchful experience has allowed him to become a premier contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing, and people from all over the world read his articles there to learn more about how to make the right investing choices. On top of Banyan Hill Publishing, Badiali publishes his articles on Medium, so they reach even more people.

Matt Badiali has also been a teacher at the University of North Carolina and Duke University; where he teaches his students about geology. He feels that it is his way of giving back to the world.

Imran Haque Encourages Teamwork in the Health Profession

Imran Haque is a caring and highly-respected medical doctor that provides remarkable medical services. Internal medicine is Imran’s specialty. Imran is a licensed and well-trained doctor having gotten a bachelor’s degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and masters from University of Virginia. He practices in Asheboro at Horizon Internal Medicine. He has vast experience, having treated patients for more than 15 years. Therefore, Imran can manage an array of illnesses and perform numerous medical examinations. He is dedicated to serving the Asheboro residents who pay him visits at the facility and his offices.

The doctor’s business idea came from his need to provide medical services that were not available in the local hospitals. Dr. Imran aimed to revive the excellent bedside manner principle that was almost dying in the medical community. Imran says that being patient and organized is what makes his ideas come to life. He also acknowledges the significance of building symbiotic networks with other professions in ensuring success. Imran finds the issue of integrating technology into the healthcare system quite thrilling because the centralization of information improves the coordination of care, simplifies the flow of data, and expedites all the areas of patient care. The innovations give an opportunity to offer fantastic care quality to patients with a streamlined workflow.

Imran prides in being able to multi-task. He says that multi-tasking is a necessity to his daily routine. The ability of multitasking makes him become a productive entrepreneur. Imran encourages the youth to soften their heart to humanity and avoid allowing others to take advantage of their empathy and generosity.

Dr. Haque has an affiliation with many other hospitals apart from Horizon Internal Medicine such as Randolph Hospital. Dr. Imran Haque is among the most notable internal medicine specialists with extensive experience. The doctor can perform multiple physical examinations as well as manage a wide range of diseases that require his expertise.

Imran Haque offers ultrasound and laboratory services in-office. He commits himself to quality care delivery to patients regarding internal medicine. He performs thorough and routine examinations and checkups to precisely diagnose conditions to give quality care. His commitment to teamwork makes his career a huge success.

Richard Mishaan Design: The Greatest Firm in Interior Designs

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. He was also partly raised in Italy, and his love for colors started at a tender age. This was due to his upbringing in different environments, he was quick to travel, and this enabled him to experience distinct styles and designs at an early age. He studied at both at New York University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Colombia University School of Architecture. He later began his career in interior designs.

His passion for design is a combination of knowledge of fashion, architecture and interior design. This is what makes his designs outstanding. He has been engaged in a couple of projects over his 20 years of career, starting with his four lavish homes located in New York and Manhattan. He believes in individualism in his working. In favor of his clients; he uses idiosyncratic art by high profile associates. He is currently involved in projects such designing table-top lines for Lenox and Dansk.

His designs focus on modern excellence full of color and outstanding designs. Richard Mishaan’s latest project is the designing of the recently opened Shelburne Wyndham Grand South Beach hotel whereby he skillfully designed the rooms and most of its public spaces giving it a cozy repository for art. He believes in artwork and luxury, and this is evident in his endless incredible projects.

Richard Mishaan is an author of his two books Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern which is his latest. In this book, he has artfully combined styles and love for colors in his recently completed projects. He has a Richard Mishaan Design Firm which operates globally and is the greatest ever interior design firm in the industry running for over a period of 25 years since its beginning. The company is best known for its most significant production worldwide as it reaches out to new markets worldwide thus serves a higher chance for tremendous success.