Investigator Pro 4.0, Securus Technologies Newest Software Explained

Investigator Pro 4.0 has been released to the security market as the latest in voice security software. This software system is unique in the fact that it is the first program that can use voice sampling technology to record either an inmate or individual calling into or out of a facility and then use that sample for voice recognition.

This software helps investigators with increased biometric security by running a search using the voice in question through many different recorded conversations. Before investigators would only have one piece to a puzzle and now with the voice search technology, they can put the whole puzzle together and stop crimes before they happen.

Investigator Pro 4.0 helps answer questions such as:

Is the individual in question talking to other inmates in the same facility?

Was the person calling ever an incarcerated person themselves?

Are released inmates calling incarcerated inmates?

Plus Investigator Pro 4.0 works within the Securus network and offers features such as: voice identification confidence ratings to ensure the highest probability for a voice recognition match, and high interest group tagging to help uncover gang related or person of interest activities.

Securus Technologies is one of the top inmate communications companies in the nation and is always leading the way with new technology for public safety. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides information management, public safety, biometric analysis, emergency response, and investigation management to over 3,400 facilities and for 1,200,000 inmates nationwide.

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  1. This shows a great level of creativity on the part of the securus team and following the success that they have gotten from other products they should expect more with this one. I might be good to use bestessays to gather more information on the new securus 4.0 technology. Correctional facilities have a lot to benefit from this technology knowing that it would help officers checkmate the events that goes on at the facility.

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