Jim Hunt Could Make Anyone, Even You, A Millionaire


That statement may sound crazy, but Jim Hunt of VTA Publications claims that trading stocks is such an easy process that anyone could learn how to do it. Hunt has spent much of his career studying the stock market and learning the ins and outs of it, and he has many videos on YouTube about executing trades. Now, Hunt wants to show people just how easy it is to be a successful stock trader through two programs he’s setup. The programs are “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum A Millionaire In Just 10 Trades.”, and news outlets have written extensively about both.


So how does anyone go about doing either of those two things? The wealth wave according to Jim Hunt, is what happens when a bear market comes. He explains how money is never really actually lost, but simply trades possession whenever losses come to stocks and other investment funds, and he says you can be on the receiving end when the wave of money trickles down to the other side, and the trick is just two phone calls. For his goal to make his mother a millionaire, Hunt says its all about just picking good stocks to buy and trade, and it only takes 10 trades to become a millionaire.

VTA Publications, the company that Jim Hunt runs is a source for investors and startup entrepreneurs to go to when they’re ready to make big financial decisions. The company publishes books that teach people how to read stock charts, or how to make trades in the futures and commodities markets, or how to plan their retirement as taken from the bible. But VTA Publications is also connected with some of the smartest business minds in the world, and they host seminars in which successful entrepreneurs come to give business advice. All of the materials, including the recorded seminars can be ordered by anyone in the world and found at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk.

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