Securus Goes Out Of Its Way To Show Commitment To Excellence

Securus has built a 220 seat in the house call center. It is the largest call center in the entire industry. This opens up many channels of communication between customers and the telecommunications company in order to resolve any issues. This massive call center allows them to field more than 2.5 million inquiries per month and their performance rating is outstanding. Over 99% of issues are resolved on the same day during the first call. And the average call is picked up within 11 seconds. There is no waiting, no listening to annoying elevator music and virtually no frustration.


This is what got the telecommunications company and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau recently.The telephone company serves government contracts to provide telephone services to prisons and jails around the country. In fact, the company has over 1.2 million prisoners under its umbrella. These prisoners and their families could easily be held captive by a greedy company, but they are lucky to be serviced by Securus. Instead of jacking up protocol rates through the roof, the company invests in customer service in order to please prisoners and their families.


And this should be good news for anybody reading this article. Studies show that when an inmate communicates with their family and loved ones on the outside of the prison regularly, they are less likely to commit a crime when released. This affordable service is actually driving down crime rates throughout the country. And to show their commitment even further, Securus volunteered to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


The Better Business Bureau does not throw around accreditation lightly. They hold each company looking to be accredited to an eight point checklist and Securus passed with flying colors. In the end, you can trust that this company is honest and transparent.

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