The Qi Group’s Vijay Eswaran Sees His Company Rise To Global Fame

The global approach to business is not something that is often associated with the direct sales industry, but the QI Group under the leadership of CEO and founder Vijay Eswaran has become one of the world’s best respected and recognized companies. QI was formed in 1998 in Malaysia and has quickly spread its reach across Asia and various parts of the world, particularly with a move into India that has seen a large amount of the manufacturing process for the products of the group moved to the country in a bid to capitalize on the success it has achieved on the Indian sub-continent.

One of the major reasons for the success of the QI Group has been the willingness of Vijay Eswaran to work with new technologies and e-commerce platforms that have added a new dimension to the work of members of the direct sales industry. Thinking outside of the traditional direct sales industry box has paid high dividends for the QI Group and Vijay Eswaran after the company made its first steps into the market by specializing in precious metals when the rights to sell coins commemorating the 2000 Sydney Olympics were awarded to the company and proved a great success.

The global approach of the QI Group is something Vijay Eswaran is rightly proud of as he discusses the many different ways his company is also looking to give back to the people of Malaysia and the wider world; Eswaran’s company has always had an eye on the use of green energy and practices, such as the paperless way the company is run and its extensive use of solar power. In the 21st century, the next level of development will be seen for the QI Group when the QI City is completed that will include the current university run by Vijay Eswaran’s company that will soon be joined by shopping options and an extensive medical system.

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