Doe Deere

Lime Crime, a highly successful vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand, is best known for their bold and unique products that are designed to make a statement. From their impressive eye shadow palettes to their vibrant and stunning Velvetine liquid matte lipsticks, it’s no wonder Lime Crime is so highly valued and talked about by customers and even celebrities.

Founder and CEO, Doe Deere, launched the brand in 2008 but the idea had been with her for years before. In interviews, she discusses how difficult it was for her to find cosmetics colorful enough to match her eccentric wardrobe, and that makeup shouldn’t only be worn to look ‘natural’ and cover flaws, but also as a form of freedom and self-expression, a creative outlet for artists and individuals.

Lime Crime helped to start the ‘on-lip’ lipstick swatch, which shows what their products would look like not just on blank paper but on actual lips, as a way to be honest with their customers as an online company. They’ve proven to be one of the few successful brands to be fully e-commerce.

Though Lime Crime is made up of an extremely reliable and hard-working team devoted to making sure customers are satisfied, Doe Deere still overlooks many of the orders and responds to customers, showing that she’s a dedicated leader who’s still passionate about her work. She believes the best way to earn respect and grow a business is to treat customers, employees, and partners with love and respect, encouraging others to succeed. Her belief has proven true as her company continues to grow and inspire makeup enthusiasts.

Deere is also a passionate animal lover, owning several cats from shelters and often donating to animal rescue organizations. Lime Crime is well known for being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, one of the few brands whose products aren’t tested on animals.

There’s no shortage of beauty products to choose from whether you prefer dark or light, glitter or metallic, bold or subtle. What Doe Deere has created is more than just a cosmetics brand, it’s a piece of art in the form of a fashion statement that holds a huge influence on the beauty world today.

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