Rona Borre Talks about her Life

Other than a beautiful smile, Rona Borre is known for her entrepreneurial skills and dedication to what she does. For this reason, Rona Borre is known as the founder of Instance Alliance. This is a firm that has made her famous in the United States, and she established this firm in the year 2001. She has also managed to increase the revenue of the company on a yearly basis since establishing this company. Rona Borre is not only active in business but is also regarded as a community leader in the Chicago area. For instance, she sits on the boards of several institutions in Chicago such as the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents Organization as well as the Economic Club of Chicago.

Due to her knowledge in the marketing industry, she has in the past been invited to many media houses to discuss issues affecting marketing. Some of these media houses include CNN, USA Today, CNBC as well as Crain’s Chicago.  To read an article on an interview with Borre, click on

For her undergraduate degree, Rona attended the University of Arizona where she graduated with a degree in Business. She has been recognized with awards over the years such as the Most Influential Woman in Business. This award was presented to her courtesy of National Association of Women as well as the Business Ledger. Recently, Rona talked about her life and here is what she had to say.   Related article on

Her life has been influenced by David Fairhurst. Rona Borre says that she loves to learn and for this reason, she loves reading books. She believes in offering the best services to her clients until they are completely satisfied. Her greatest failure in life is hiring seasonal sales people. However, she was able to correct the mistake, and she learned from it. Her greatest strategy in life is delivering quality products and solutions. Asked if there is something that she would do differently if given another chance, she says that she is not sure she would change a thing. The one strategy that makes Rona Borre productive is never being satisfied. According to this great entrepreneur, it’s her desire always to learn and improve. She is mostly excited by Big data and Analytics.   Useful link here.

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