Highland Capital Sets Sights on Healthcare

You can learn a great deal about an industry simply by looking at the work of the successful people that have come before you. Highland Capital has been one of our favorite investment companies to watch over the past few years thanks to the work of CEO and founder, James Dondero. Dondero has been one of the leading investors in the country thanks to the innovative way that he approaches how his hedge fund works with their investments. Dondero and the rest of the team at Highland Capital are now focusing completely on the healthcare industry and investors might do well to pay attention.


Michael Gregory and James Dondero are two people working within the investment field for Highland Capital. They’ve made great strides in taking their game to the next level thanks to an innovative approach to how they work with their investments. Right now they are taking their innovative approach to investing by targeting the healthcare industry. Michael Gregory is both passionate and technical about his reasons for paying attention. Gregory notes that the United States is struggling a great deal due to a large and “public health epidemic” that is related directly to opioid addiction. Gregory says that, “Insurance companies are starting to do something about it.” What Gregory means, of course, is that companies are focusing on pushing less addictive pain killers out onto the market.


Gregory doesn’t just deal in generic platitudes either. A large part of the reason that Highland Capital is so successful is that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Right now Gregory is pointing to Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc (COLL) as a company to be paying close attention to. Collegium Pharmaceutical has been working on a drug called XTAMPZA ERA which is an oxycodone alternative that has been formulated to be less addictive than the more destructive counterparts. Gregory says, “It is doing over $200 million in sales currently”.



No matter where you fall in line with your investments, paying attention to industry leaders is never a bad idea. Highland Capital Management looks to continue to lead the pack into 2017 and beyond.

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