Making It In A Choppy Market Using Netpicks “Lock and Walk” Strategy

The technology sector sell-off that happened earlier this month resulted in a dramatic change of sentiments in the Wall Street. Initially, it was filled with sanguine and arrogance with some investors thinking the market to be unstoppable. However, all this has changed with the market being filled with a level of nervousness that has not been experienced before.

The choppy market has got an entry to the market in the summer months due to these changes in sentiments. Although such environments are not so unusual during low-volume summer months, this time there is a material change in views which is likely to create greater impacts.

How to Take Advantage of the Situation and Applying Proactive Strategy

The strategies below by NetPicks are supposed to help you make it in a choppy marketing environment. The proactive strategy has been in design since 2000. One of the strategies, “Lock and Walk,” has proved profitable in previous choppy markets. However, you need to consider that previous success is not a guarantee of future results.

How Lock and Walk Works

Netpicks designed the strategies with the aim of respecting support and resistance levels in NDX -1.83%, Nasdaq 100. If support and resistance levels are broken or tested, it trades the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +0.35%, and the ProShare Ultra QQQ QLD, -4.01%. Once these rules apply, you can use the strategy if either of the following is true;

  • Support is experimented by QLD, target resistance to selling.
  • Support breaks, then sell QLD
  • Resistance is supported by QID, target support to sell
  • Resistance breaks, sell QID

The above rules are not complicated and are very familiar to anyone who has knowledge on technical support. All you need to know is when it is buy near support, then near resistance, but if it supports breaks, you need to stop out.

What makes Lock and Walk Strategy Do Well in a Choppy Market?

The strategy is designed to shut down the moment gains hits 67 points and stay that way until the next trading session. This makes it a short-term solution, and it is this designing that makes it a success in choppy markets.   Check this video clips on

About NetPicks

NetPicks was founded in 1996 soon after the emergence of online and day trading. Visit their website here.  Over the years, it has provided trading education ranging from Forex Futures, Stocks, and system signals. The main agenda of the firm is to help regular customers achieve success in the market. Useful info on

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NetPicks is made of experienced trading professionals who are in the position to help traders make it in the business.  To read blogs and updates, visit this link on   Additionally, all systems are designed with specific goals in mind including full-time, part-time, and done in minutes.  For views and feedback from clients, head over to this.


Controlling Gang Violence in Jail Using the Securus Technologies System

One of the biggest issues in my jail is gang violence. If you are not walking around paying close attention, you could be the next one who winds up seriously hurt in the cross-fire between rival gangs. Then add into the mix that these gangs hate the police, and if they have the chance to lash out at us they will. We have to take measures each day to limit the incidents between officers and gang members in jail.


To control the violence, we have to make sure these inmates are not getting anything illegal from the outside. The easiest way to do this is have a visitor simply smuggle something in during visiting hours and pass it to the inmate. We do several body searches and x-ray scans to locate anything, but it is not a perfect science. Things still find their way to the inmates.


Once my prison was selected to have the team at Securus Technologies install their call monitoring system, we knew immediately we had a new resource in our efforts to control the gang violence in our facility. This call monitoring system is so powerful that it can do the work of a half-dozen officers while we focus our efforts on searching cells for contraband. It alerts my team anytime something is mentioned on the phone about illegal contraband.


This week we got several alerts that lower-ranking gang members were discussing how a soldier could get the drugs by an officer on visiting day. We arrested that suspect when he walked into our jail. We heard top-ranking gang members talking about how business should be conducted on the streets, and which soldiers were going to be coming to jail and taking action behind bars to settle scores. Each day we get more information that allows us to tighten down on the violence.

Trading Strategies With Netpicks

When it comes to trading strategies there is a lot to know. Proactive strategy can best be used in a undesired market environment. Netpicks is a web based trading company that is home to tons of great strategizing tips. Netpicks provides training tutorials and many different resources to work with to become a better trader. In this article I will address a few different topics on trading strategies.

Proactive strategies come in to play during the months of June through August when there is a low trading volume. These strategies are put in place in order to keep gaining profit and to keep the economy in good standings. A strategy known as Lock and Walk,” has proven to work many times in the past bringing in profit for the market. The rules of this strategy are similar to using technical analysis. One very big rule in addition to is that it is built to shutdown and wait if it has 67 basis points in gains.

Netpicks is a website created to provide you with the training and resources needed to be successful in the trading industry. Visit their website here.   Netpicks headquarters is located in Texas with on site trained professionals waiting to assist you in understanding trade and bringing in profit. They provide a number of systems with specific agendas to help you achieve your desired goals in the market. Check this important link.

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While on the Netpicks website you can find tons of tutorials and training exercises. They have systems put in place like the “2 Steps To Increase Your Option Trading Profits,” which basically breaks it down into a very easily understandable strategy. Another one you can find is “12 Powers To Successful Trading,” were they list 12 key points to becoming successful in the market and how to continue making revenue.   Useful info on

All in all, there are many different trading strategy and it is important to find one that works for you if looking to join the market. Netpicks list many different strategies to choose from and provides training and tips on how to execute them. Many strategies have been proven to work so you don’t always just have to pick one to help reach your desired goals. Check them now, visit NetPicks page.

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Sawyer Howitt- The Young Entrepreneur Who is Making Headlines

     In 2011, a report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce showed that individuals born between the years 1980 and the year 2000 had opened 160,000 new enterprises every month. Approximately 27% of millennials are not employed but rather run their own businesses. This shows that millennials are more interested in entrepreneurship than employment.

Howitt’s Business Acumen

Sawyer Howitt Entrepreneur graduated from Portland’s Lincoln High School, is a classic example of the number of rising stars in the country. He understands the operational and financial requirements of running a prosperous business. He has innovative ideas on how consumers may be able to interact with brands effectively. Howitt is also zealous when it comes to customer service.

Howitt’s Philanthropic and Leisure Activities

Howitt is not only business-savvy; he is also a good person. He has shown his soft side through his donation to charities, championing of women’s rights, and operating youth mentoring programs. In his leisure time, Howitt likes to go fishing and to play racquetball. He has plans to join the University of California (Berkeley).

 Sawyer Howitt’s Achievements

Sawyer Howitt’s got his first job at the age of 16 years. He served as a customer service representative at “Kure Juice Bars”. It was in this post that he got to learn the importance of customer care staff in a company as they are the faces that many clients see when transacting with the company.

In 2015, Sawyer Howitt joined Meriwether, the company that his father founded. He was hired to the position of a business strategy analyst. Howitt has worked with executives at Meriwether with the aim of revolutionizing retail via “Radio Frequency Identification” or RFID Checkout technology. With this technology, the way consumers interact with retail store staff will change completely. Instead of a consumer queuing to settle their bill with the cashier, the store will have sensors that record what items a person left the store with. The consumer’s credit card will then be credited with what they have bought and all this information will be stored on a smart phone application.

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Get the Basics of Trading Right with Netpicks

Earlier this month, the technology sector of the USA saw a great downfall and has come to a complete standstill. As a result of this, the financial market industry of the USA, that is the Wall Street have been left puzzled which was just opposite before the downfall of the technology sector. Previously, the investors in the financial market were extremely arrogant and sure about their market, but it saw a great change in their thinking after the crash of the technology sector. Now they are hesitating to for further investment, and in turn, it has resulted in a turbulent financial market. But still one can make a profit from these market conditions by using a proactive strategy known as the “Lock and Walk” where the daily target is reduced to increase the overall returns substantially. Therefore, with the help of this strategy, one can take advantage of the choppy financial market.  Useful info on

Netpicks offers the interested online traders with the most effective online trading strategies so that they can achieve all their goals with ease and convenience. Netpicks always stresses on the fact that one should get the basics of trading right to earn a profit. First and foremost, is the approach to trading is of immense importance. Netpicks states that there are two approaches to trading. Learn more from NetPicks here.   The first one is by using a technical analysis type, and the other is the more fundamental type. But there is a combination of both that exists as well.  Be sure to watch this clips from

The fundamental type focuses on the cause of the movements in price, and the technical type focuses on charts & the movement of price. According to Netpicks, whichever approach is chosen by the traders, they must know all the minute details of the procedures and other variables that play a major role in trading, eventually helping them to succeed. Netpicks educates the online traders in a simplified manner about the fundamentals of online trading so that they are able to master any of the approaches that they select which ultimately proves to be highly beneficial for the traders with the passage of time.  Follow NetPicks on

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David McDonald of OSI Group

     David McDonald’s career at OSI Industries begun after he had finished his college education and worked his way through the ranks to become its President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. McDonald was born in northeast Iowa State and was raised on a family farm. In 1987, he graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Trough his hard work and commitment to excellence he has been able to bring even greater success to OSI Industries.

As the president, he is involved with important decision making such as strategy making, and as a result of this, he has helped the company to coordinate local operations and global logistic team effectively. Through this effectiveness, the company can keep up with both local demands as well global markets for their products. This has helped the company to record good profits year after year while maintaining a high degree of quality product and services.

David’s oversight at OSI Group, LLC, has led to its expansion to other countries all over the world. This has been enabled by the acquisition of other food companies in these countries allowing it to penetrate new markets easily. One recent example was the purchase of Baho Food in August 2016 that enabled the company to grow its market share in Europe.

Baho Foods has five subsidiaries and processes its products in both Germany and Netherlands. This was a significant investment by the company, and Mr. McDonald went on to say that Baho’s range of products and well-known brands would go on to complement the products offered by OSI Industries. He also went on to say that this would broaden OSI’s capabilities in enabling them to serve the rapidly evolving needs of their customers best.

With continued management and guiding experience of David McDonald the OSI Groups’ future looks bright and is bound to even more success in the coming years.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App Industry

Single men and women that have been looking for the type of app that is going to make their lives easier when it comes to finding a mate need look no further than Bumble. This is the app that is created by Whitney Wolfe. She is a very interesting addition to the dating app world that has managed to give people a lot to think about. Anyone that may have been thinking that the dating app world was all the same should definitely consider what Whitney Wolfe has managed to do.

She has created an interesting dating app environment that is going to be very appeasing to all that have wondered if there was any way to improve their chances of meeting someone. Whitney Wolfe has maximized her potential in the dating world by allowing women to take the first step with her Bumble dating app. She has definitely been a big inspiration to people that may have thought that the dating app world was becoming stagnant.


Most single women that go to a dating app will realize that the men are the dominant players when it comes to the creation of the app. They are also the dominant players when it comes to the way that works.

Whitney Wolfe has managed to give women the opportunity to block those men that they are not interested in seeing while they strike up conversations with the men that they are interested in. This is huge because it shows that she had a lot of thought about how women were experiencing the dating world. This is something that most men that developed dating apps had never really thought of.

The average man that is creating an app will typically build the app in favor of the way that he thinks about dating. Whitney Wolfe has shown herself to be a catalyst for women because she created what she called a feminist dating app. She wanted to actually create something that would be valuable for women in the way that women think about meeting people online. Whitney Wolfe definitely makes dating exciting again.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Passion Project

Eric Lefkofsky is known in the tech world as the co-founder and developer of giants like Groupon, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. Curating and cultivating companies of that caliber grew Lefkofsky’s wealth to a staggering $1.7 billion according to Forbes. Having laid the foundation for his life, he exited the world of startup companies and set out to never have to be involved in that labor intensive process again.

That fact would have remained true, but then Lefkofsky’s wife Liz was diagnosed breast cancer. When they were thrown into the world of a cancer patient and the loved one of a cancer patient, they quickly realized all the many gaps in the ability of oncologists to provide a comprehensive list options for treatment. Not one to be a passive participant in an important process like this, Lefkofsky developed Tempus.

Tempus’ overall goal is to provide usable data to health care providers. In order to achieve this, the company had to establish connections with some of the nations leading medical facilities. Physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan send their patients that are diagnosed with cancer to Tempus. From there, each person is sequenced in Tempus’ labs. At this point the patient’s individual molecular and clinical information are input into the database. The physician that originally sent the patient to Tempus is then given access to the system and is able to see what mutations the patient may have. It also allows them to see treatment histories for the patient’s mutation type and what approaches worked best on a retroactive basis. At its core, Tempus is still a data company, but the data is then translated to be a productive tool for the health care medical community.

The model of Tempus is the first of its kind and has the potential to create life altering results. The impact of Tempus has yet to be fully realized as it is still in its infancy, but when those results make themselves known, they will be astounding for the medical community.