Controlling Gang Violence in Jail Using the Securus Technologies System

One of the biggest issues in my jail is gang violence. If you are not walking around paying close attention, you could be the next one who winds up seriously hurt in the cross-fire between rival gangs. Then add into the mix that these gangs hate the police, and if they have the chance to lash out at us they will. We have to take measures each day to limit the incidents between officers and gang members in jail.


To control the violence, we have to make sure these inmates are not getting anything illegal from the outside. The easiest way to do this is have a visitor simply smuggle something in during visiting hours and pass it to the inmate. We do several body searches and x-ray scans to locate anything, but it is not a perfect science. Things still find their way to the inmates.


Once my prison was selected to have the team at Securus Technologies install their call monitoring system, we knew immediately we had a new resource in our efforts to control the gang violence in our facility. This call monitoring system is so powerful that it can do the work of a half-dozen officers while we focus our efforts on searching cells for contraband. It alerts my team anytime something is mentioned on the phone about illegal contraband.


This week we got several alerts that lower-ranking gang members were discussing how a soldier could get the drugs by an officer on visiting day. We arrested that suspect when he walked into our jail. We heard top-ranking gang members talking about how business should be conducted on the streets, and which soldiers were going to be coming to jail and taking action behind bars to settle scores. Each day we get more information that allows us to tighten down on the violence.

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