Alexandre Gama Breaks New Ground In Brazilian Advertising

     It is rare for an individual Brazilian advertising specialist to have such an impact on the world around us and impact the global trend-making sectors as Alexandre Gama has done over the course of his three-decade long career. Not only has Alexandre Gama set out to become one of the leading Brazilian advertising executives, but he has also developed a career that has allowed those who follow him into advertising and marketing in his native country of Brazil to gain a foothold on the global stage; Gama has built an impressive career that has seen him become the first Brazilian advertising specialist to give a masterclass on his discipline at the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival.

Alexandre Gama believes Brazilian culture is of the greatest importance in his own life and the lives of people across the planet; the founder of the Neogama advertising agency believes the protection of Brazilian culture begins with the preservation of many of the skills the nation has become known for. Among these skills is the playing of traditional Brazilian guitar, a talent being lost among the latest generation of the nation who have been targeted by his VIOLAB Foundation offering videos and tutorials to keep this tradition alive.

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