Securus Technologies is an American profit oriented company based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986 with offices in Atlanta, Texas, Allen, Georgia, and Carrollton. They have contracts with 2600 correctional facilities employing about 1000 people both directly or indirectly. Securus serves over 2200 correctional in Canada and across the USA. It serves more than a million inmates in 45 states. By 2016, Securus had invested over $600 on patents, technologies, and acquisition. This investment had happened in three years.


The above assets and clients make Securus Technologies the best leader in providing comprehensive, responsive customer service and innovative technology solution. In its time, it made several acquisitions. In 2012, they acquired the Primonics and DirectHit system at an unknown value in 2013; they purchased Archonix system and a Satellite track for inmates. To ensure a smooth operation they bought several portfolios in 2014 and 2015. They were able to obtain Telerus, JLG, Jpay, Guarded Exchange, and Cellblox.


Securus Technologies has managed to control contraband cell phones in the inmate facilities. By 2016, Access solution a branch of Securus Technologies had managed to receive approval from over five departments of correctional facilities. In 2016 it partnered with Harris Corporation on the cell defender technology. The cell defender was a wireless containment measure which would see the control of contraband cell phones from connecting to other mobile phones.


Over some years, Securus has been receiving emails from clients with positive responses, the customer care selected some comments on using technology in safeguarding our correctional facility. These comments include;


  • One said that they were impressed with the vision. He added that the development will enable investigation and will improve the jail posture.


  • Because the calls were monitored, the correctional facility would have the ability to know the habit like drug use and alcohol use. They will also be able to listen to conversations regarding transfer of money and so much more.


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