Netpicks and Sustainable Investment

The process of trading ETFs is different from the mutual bonds. Exchange Trade Funds require passive management, and they have taken roots in the business world. Therefore, it is important to have a trading class that is socially responsible. This is achieved by investing in strategies that can result in objective and sustainable development. According to the research made by USSIF, there are four groups of strategies that can help you with the best decision when it comes to business investment. These groups include negative screening, positive screening, themed investing, and ESG integration. Negative screening is based on the consideration of factors such as social impacts, which some investments are rendered non-viable. Positive screening involves the selection of organizations, projects, and firms pegged on unique criteria. ESG integration is the process involving the analysis of the financial investment based on ESG factor, which also determines the financial returns. Themed investing involves the criteria that consider the project theme. Examples of such theme are sustainable development and energy saving.

The ETFs that concentrate on gender and environmental matters are considered to be investment options that are socially responsible, and any businessperson has the right to try one. However, your decisions regarding these options depend on several factors that you must give considerations. For example, you must consider the area of investment, expenses, and risks involved. After all, business adventure should not be about quantity but quality. Socially responsible investment implies that you are considering the lives of the next generations. Even with the technological advancement, the next generation deserves a better environment to discover.  Learn from the informative article available here on

About Netpicks

As an online trading agency, Netpicks was instituted in 1996 with the goal of offering trading education. The trading education that is offered by Netpicks revolve around Futures, Options, Forex, Stocks, and ETFs. The primary objective is to ensure that regular traders achieve business success and maintain sustainable development at the same time. Netpicks has more than 15 years of experience in trading education and its professionals are passionate about helping traders reach their trading goals.   Read important review about the company here.

As an organization, Netpicks understands that trading systems are usually designed with some goals in mind. Therefore, trading can be a full-time career, part-time adventure, or a few minutes business endeavor. Every staff member of Netpicks is available to help you with your trading problems. You just need to set your trading goals right and leave the rest for Netpicks.

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