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Ever since the inception of OSI Group, it has been expanding their portfolio in the food industry and has been doing it by acquiring other food companies all over the world. OSI purchase foods firms which have the same mission, values as well as goals as theirs. OSI is an international company and it has maintained its status by providing quality food services as well as retail brands. In 2016 the organization recorded tremendous growth with them expanding their food processing operations to other parts of the world. According to the group’s President David McDonald, the group has been thirsting for growth and not only in their capacity but also in delivering quality food products. OSI Group has suppliers who have been helping them distribute their products. With the partnership the group has, OSI has been able to give their clients what they want.

OSI provides both organic and natural food which is tasty and healthy. As the President of the firm, David acknowledges the efforts that are made by the Chief Executive officer of the firm; Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has been able to help the food company to expand their services to other countries. OSI has their operations in over 16 nations worldwide. Forbes has listed OSI Group as one of the largest food companies in the world. With the recent acquisition of Tyson Foods plants in Chicago, OSI is defiantly the largest in the world. The company has been dealing with food items which include; pork items such as bacon, beef, poultry as well as vegetable products. OSI has expanded their business in Europe providing new products which include; marinades, sauce, dressings, chips, peas to sandwich fillings as well as frozen poultry. According to David, their expansion to Europe indicates their broader presence in other continents as well. Baho is one of the food companies that has joined OSI in expansion to Europe Continent.

OSI Group is a privately owned company with its presence in America. When it was established, the firm was processing meat products and distributing to food services as well as retail brands. The food processing firm has their Headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI is the largest food processing firm in the United States which is privately owned and they are devoted to deliver quality, affordable and reliable services as well as products. The food processing organization is dedicated to provide custom made food that is healthy and maximizes their clients’ opportunity. OSI has over 65 facilities across the world in 17 nations, and employing over 200000 individuals.

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