George Soros helps the left grow

Money is a lot like water. Water is good for keeping things alive and growing plants. Money is similar to that. Money helps keep dreams alive and causes movements to grow. Money is what makes ideals spread because it grants those ideals distribution. George Soros has done this for the Democrats, much to the ire of Republicans. The Republicans view Soros as a villain because whenever the Democrats want to push their worldview, he is right there with the funds to make it happen and what George Soros knows.

This boogeyman of the Republicans showed his commitment during the 2004 election season. George Soros wanted George W. Bush to fail in his reelection campaign to win the White House for a second term. Soros dropped an unheard of donation in the amount of $27 million into the lap of John Kerry. This was supposed to give him the advantage needed to win the election. Unfortunately, Kerry fell short of the mark and read full article.

Even though he backed a failed candidate in 2004, Soros would not make the same mistake in 2008. It was hard for George Soros to choose if he would financially back his old friend Hillary Clinton or if he would financially back the new kid on the block, Barack Obama. George Soros believed that the best chance to push a liberal agenda would be with Barack Obama. This is why George Soros gave him millions of dollars during the campaign season. Once Barack Obama was elected, George Soros did not believe that he pushed a liberal enough agenda. George Soros would then withdraw from politics in the 2012 election season and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros would reappear on the political scene yet again in the year 2016 to help his friend Hillary Rodham Clinton in her campaign to wrench the White House from Donald Trump. George Soros helped her by giving her a little less he gave John Kerry. In this case, he gave Clinton 25 million dollars. She used this money to take out several campaign ads to continue to smear the name of Trump and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

However, George Soros learned a powerful lesson that day. sometimes you can throw all the money you want at something, but that thing will not change. That year Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the election. In fact, the Republican Party won historic victories that year. George Soros then thought it was time to change plans. Rather than backing political candidates, he would empower the people who had boots on the ground and Follow him

George Soros would give millions of dollars to certain idealistic organizations that supported his views. These organizations supported things such as abortion rights, immigration rights, facts being checked in order to ensure accuracy, and those in favor Planned Parenthood and more information click here.

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