Neurocore is providing non-invasive treatment for depression

Depression is a very common illness globally. In the United States alone it is affecting close to 6.7% adults annually. As much as it is common in adults, it is can affect anyone at any age. Sometimes depression can be attributed to a specific course but other times it just occurs. Most people with this illness do not ask for help or treatment because they are afraid of what others may think about them. It is important to know that this is not something to be ashamed of and treatment can be sort and wellness resumed.


As much a huge percentage of depression can be attributed to particular life events, the other percentage can be attributed to factors that are not direct such as genetics. Furthermore, the symptoms of depression are different from person to person and understanding them is an essential factor. The disorders associated with depression vary and may they play around with your physical well-being. Some forms of disabilities and suicides are a result of depression. Any level of depression is treatable using therapy and medicine.


For the people who are opposed to taking drugs for the treatment of depression, neurofeedback therapy can be used. The Neurocore Brain Performance Center uses advanced technology to find and cater to your symptoms. They train your brain using a map specifically related to your brain. The program used is safe and customized depending on the need of the patient. The waves in your brain together with the rate of the heart and the breathing pace are analyzed using an advanced technology, qEEG, in order to bring out a clear image of your brain’s activity. The tests used are clinically authorized and are safe for patients.
After the tests are done, a brain map is drawn out and used as a guide to creating customized programs for your brain. Continued repetition of the sessions for neurofeedback helps your brain function in an improved manner. Neurocore Brain Performance Center finds the root cause of the depression and works towards reducing the symptoms and providing non-invasive long-term solutions. The Neurocore team is dedicated to providing the best treatment for your depression.

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