How Oncotarget Is Changing the Game in The Field of Oncology

Oncotarget is an online medical journal that is open to all researchers and experts in the medical field to publish their research to the whole world. Established by impact journals back in 2010, Oncotarget has gone a long way in making sure that the world gets the chance to know how the medical experts are working towards making the world a better place, a goal that is being achieved one article at a time.The editors in chief include Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, both of whom work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The publication is very well organized, making sure that the articles are arranged in chronological order. So, if you want to refer to a medical report or journal that was written in a particular month or year, all you need to do is checking it out and clicking on whatever you want with so much ease.

Despite branching out, the primary focus on Oncotarget is still oncology, which remains a complicated, less known field to many experts. But thanks to the weekly publications, the general public is beginning to fully understand the procedures of oncology and how to treat the ailments which are a good thing. That said, are there any benefits attached to Oncotarget publication? The unanimous answer to that is a solid yes, there are plenty of benefits associated with Oncotarget. First and foremost, cancer researchers from all over the world have the opportunity to share information as well as learn. Of late, other equally important and sensitive medical fields are being covered by Oncotarget include neuroscience, immunology, autophagy, cell death, aging, and microbiology. The online publication can be translated into different languages, which means that it is easier for any scientist or contributor from any walk of life can gain access to the critical research. They can also hold constructive discussions on controversial matters involving oncology, which makes it a beneficial platform for the experts.

Students, especially medical students can gain access to Oncotarget and use the information in their projects as well as reports. And despite the fact that Oncotarget charges for articles to be published, those articles that are less than 800 words are usually free.And even before anyone could frown at Oncotarget for charging experts to share knowledge, it is important to note that the benefits they get from publishing their articles/research on Oncotarget are far more than the little fee they are charged. Besides, there is no rejection of work even if you are a new researcher. The editors will put your work online as long as it adds value to the field of oncology medical community at large.A lot of diseases have been covered in Oncotarget. And that just means that one doesn’t have to worry much about finding information. And since experts from all over the world can share information so quickly, then it is a tad easier or the public to be educated on the treatment and prevention of specific ailments which in turn makes the world a much better place.

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