Richard Mishaan Design: The Greatest Firm in Interior Designs

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. He was also partly raised in Italy, and his love for colors started at a tender age. This was due to his upbringing in different environments, he was quick to travel, and this enabled him to experience distinct styles and designs at an early age. He studied at both at New York University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Colombia University School of Architecture. He later began his career in interior designs.

His passion for design is a combination of knowledge of fashion, architecture and interior design. This is what makes his designs outstanding. He has been engaged in a couple of projects over his 20 years of career, starting with his four lavish homes located in New York and Manhattan. He believes in individualism in his working. In favor of his clients; he uses idiosyncratic art by high profile associates. He is currently involved in projects such designing table-top lines for Lenox and Dansk.

His designs focus on modern excellence full of color and outstanding designs. Richard Mishaan’s latest project is the designing of the recently opened Shelburne Wyndham Grand South Beach hotel whereby he skillfully designed the rooms and most of its public spaces giving it a cozy repository for art. He believes in artwork and luxury, and this is evident in his endless incredible projects.

Richard Mishaan is an author of his two books Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern which is his latest. In this book, he has artfully combined styles and love for colors in his recently completed projects. He has a Richard Mishaan Design Firm which operates globally and is the greatest ever interior design firm in the industry running for over a period of 25 years since its beginning. The company is best known for its most significant production worldwide as it reaches out to new markets worldwide thus serves a higher chance for tremendous success.

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