Imran Haque Encourages Teamwork in the Health Profession

Imran Haque is a caring and highly-respected medical doctor that provides remarkable medical services. Internal medicine is Imran’s specialty. Imran is a licensed and well-trained doctor having gotten a bachelor’s degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and masters from University of Virginia. He practices in Asheboro at Horizon Internal Medicine. He has vast experience, having treated patients for more than 15 years. Therefore, Imran can manage an array of illnesses and perform numerous medical examinations. He is dedicated to serving the Asheboro residents who pay him visits at the facility and his offices.

The doctor’s business idea came from his need to provide medical services that were not available in the local hospitals. Dr. Imran aimed to revive the excellent bedside manner principle that was almost dying in the medical community. Imran says that being patient and organized is what makes his ideas come to life. He also acknowledges the significance of building symbiotic networks with other professions in ensuring success. Imran finds the issue of integrating technology into the healthcare system quite thrilling because the centralization of information improves the coordination of care, simplifies the flow of data, and expedites all the areas of patient care. The innovations give an opportunity to offer fantastic care quality to patients with a streamlined workflow.

Imran prides in being able to multi-task. He says that multi-tasking is a necessity to his daily routine. The ability of multitasking makes him become a productive entrepreneur. Imran encourages the youth to soften their heart to humanity and avoid allowing others to take advantage of their empathy and generosity.

Dr. Haque has an affiliation with many other hospitals apart from Horizon Internal Medicine such as Randolph Hospital. Dr. Imran Haque is among the most notable internal medicine specialists with extensive experience. The doctor can perform multiple physical examinations as well as manage a wide range of diseases that require his expertise.

Imran Haque offers ultrasound and laboratory services in-office. He commits himself to quality care delivery to patients regarding internal medicine. He performs thorough and routine examinations and checkups to precisely diagnose conditions to give quality care. His commitment to teamwork makes his career a huge success.

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