Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team up to Develop New Treatment System

Access to advanced cancer care data is now possible for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The network of hospitals have paired with NantHealth and Allscripts to build a new treatment platform that utilizes the Clinical Pathways program. This interface operates under NantOS, a clinical operating system developed with the knowledgeable contribution of oncologists nationwide. Over 2,700 treatment regimens are included in the system and covers all cancer types, modalities, and subtypes. The program is available for use to every cancer patient within the five US based locations.

Clinical Pathways gives physicians the option to extract unbiased, medically proven data from a large medical library. This library holds a large volume of peer-reviewed literature maintained by a full-time staff of leading oncologists, nurses, clinical professionals. Through the interface, patients and physicians can select customized cancer treatment regimens to make decisions and ease the process of treatment. To assist with insurance and speed up approval, clinical data can be sent to providers using the system. Included in the Clinical Pathways systems are: treatment option comparisons, clinical data, custom treatment regimens, updated medical guidelines, descriptive drug side effects, and many more aspects.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is lead by the headquarter location in Boca Raton, Florida and consists of five network hospitals, located in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arizona. With their focus being on adult patients, the hospitals specialize in advanced cancer treatment options including immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Patients of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are supported medically and emotionally through medically driven support therapies and are encouraged to participate in choosing their treatment option. Comprehensive treatment information is always made available to them. More information about the network can be found at

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