Securus Technologies succeeds in improving inmate communication in U.S

Securus Technologies Company is the leading telecommunication service provider that has tailored their services for prisons and security agencies. The Company has been in the communications industry for a long time where it has served over 2000 correctional facilities over the years. They have expanded their services across Canada and other states in America. The Company has invested more than $ 600 million to advance modern technology services.


Securus Technologies headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. The Company has grown to employ about 1000 permanent employees and 2000 others hired to work on contract basis. The Company holds over 2000 contracts across the world.

Securus has installed applications in their system that translates the conversations to capture every detail in a discussion no matter the language used. The platform is safe and secure hence inmates can be guaranteed of their privacy. The company has remained to be reliable and credible. Securus is always open to its prospective clients, competitors and potential investors who would like to learn how their systems work in their headquarters.


Mr. Smith Eric, Securus Technologies CEO, aims at providing satisfying products and excellent customer experience. The Company’s main aim is to monitor inmate activities, which helps to reduce crime rate and also to provide them with a means to communicate with the loved ones. Securus offers various services such as public information management solutions, inmate self-service, product inspection, communication, information management, emergency response, investigation and incident management.

Securus Technologies has proved its credibility for the last 30 years by connecting inmates with their families. The employees are committed to their work to provide an exceptional technology solution that is advanced and also offers public safety to the officials and incarcerated individuals. The company has employed many professionals such as engineers, designers, and technologist who have acquired excellent skills in providing what’s best in the technology industry.


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