The New Sales Leaders of Stream Energy

Stream Energy has deserved its place among the leaders in its line of work. The promising company has already accomplished a lot in its 12 years of operation and is continuing to set high goals for itself.


The company was founded by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder. Up to date, the company works in the states of New York, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas, Washington D. C., Illinois, and as of December 2017 in Delaware as well. The corporation has amassed a collective revenue of 8 billion dollars, and that has earned it the recognition of other companies working in the energy sector. Follow Stream Energy on


The state of Illinois received the series of Stream Energy in September 2017. The celebration ceremony took place at Navy Pier in Chicago. During the day, the salesforce team of Independent Associates spent a day doing personal and group development, business training, and receiving some updates from the Stream Energy company.


One of the most significant announcements at the event was that the company’s sales team had a new leader. The position of Chief Sales Officer was assumed by Mr. Steve Fisher who was the founding leader of the direct selling arm of the corporation. CSO Steve Fisher used to a sales associate as well. He moved up in the ranks of the company by achieving one of the highest earnings. After that, Steve Fisher started training other independent associates mentoring them until they are fit enough to produce the highest profits. Steve Fisher was also an advisor to the executive team of Stream Energy.

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Before he became a part of Stream Energy, Steve Fisher had worked at American Airlines, holding the position of Analyst of airport operations. Now, as Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher will be responsible for the field operations of Stream Energy, training compensation, and more.


Another announcement at the launch event was that there is also a new Vice President of Sales. VP of Sales Ryan Morris is highly skilled at his line of work, and together with the Chief Sales Officer Steve Fisher, they will make a great team. They are expected to take the company’s sales to a whole new level. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

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