Jim Larkin, the Drama King

It is the people around us who help make life interesting. Taking a look at the people that headlined the late 19th and early 20th century, we find one interesting character who is none other than Jim Larkin.

History records Jim Larkin as a man incredibly passionate about realizing reforms on behalf of workers since he was a devoted activist. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

Born in 1874, Jim Larkin never shied away from the public eye. He used his existence as an opportunity to fight for the rights of workers in England and Ireland since at the time the level at which laborers were getting exploited was of epic proportions. In 1907, Larkin created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, an organization that helped strengthen his activism career.

Through his labor organizing activities, Jim Larkin was able to witness a lot of changes in how employees got handled at work throughout his lifetime. When Jim Larkin reached the prime age of forty years, he relocated to the United States of America.

Despite living in a new and unfamiliar country, Jim Larkin never, not even for a single day stopped fighting for workers’ rights. In his lifetime, he became a liberator and source of inspiration to many workers in the UK, Ireland, and America, since they could now have access to fair opportunities in their places of employment.

Larkin’s bravery also touched other activists and labor organizers across the globe, compelling them to help liberate fellow countrymen and women. By investing heavily in human capital, the world economy started to grow, but not at the expense of workers who at one point in time had gotten considered as ‘mules.’

When Jim Larkin later returned to Ireland, he created yet another organization dubbed the Irish Labour Party. Through the party, more than one hundred thousand Irish workers got to witness a lot of changes in their place of work, with the most significant aspect being regaining their dignity. Working terms relatively improved over the years, helping industrial employees and their families succeed in the long run.

Although Jim Larkin was now an old man, he never stopped participating in activism and labor movements. Larkin’s activism was never violent in any way, something that makes him still stand out in modern society. In 1947, Jim Larkin kicked the bucket at the age of seventy-three years. Seventy years after Larkin’s untimely demise, the world still employs most of Jim’s activism approaches.

Jim Larkin gets remembered for being a staunch supporter of trade unionism, an element that helped workers at the time stop over depending on British labor that had exploited employees for decades. Because of the efforts initiated by Jim Larkin, unskilled workers of this age and time happen to be unionized.

Larkin suffered a lot throughout his lifetime, getting disowned and deported, but he never lost hope in liberating the world. He was brave enough to carry the burdens of employees, taking the heat when things got messy.

Therefore, Jim Larkin is one individual who will always get remembered for his passion for helping the less fortunate succeed in life.

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