OSI Industries is one of the top one hundred private food processing companies in the United States and has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. They are a global company with sixty-five locations in seventeen countries.

You may ask, “Why is OSI Industries in the top one hundred?” The following reasons will answer that question:
1. They have some of the best chefs who are experienced in creating original food ideas and offering the best food products to various food service industries.
2. They are a cost-effective company and exceptional in getting the word out about their new food ideas.
3. They establish partnerships and listen to the ideas of others to create top-of-the-line custom products.
4. They are known all over the world.
5. They hold the highest values and perform all aspects of business with integrity.

OSI Industries employs twenty thousand people in all of their facilities. They hire people that are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated as well as want to work as a team to offer the best service to customers. OSI Industries wants everyone to work together to create an environment that benefits all. Employees need to be able to deal with any concerns their customers may have and provide solutions for those concerns. There are over eighty-five jobs available at their locations in the United States. There are also career opportunities in Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Spain and in Asia-Pacific.

In 2016, OSI Industries won the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council, a leading Health and Safety Organization. They received this award due to their outstanding way of managing environmental issues and by receiving five stars in the council’s environmental management audit.

OSI Industries has been in business since 1909. The current Chairman and CEO is Sheldon Lavin, a person who is totally involved in all aspects of the operations of the company. He has been key in the expansion of OSI’s growth internationally, Spain being one of them just recently. Since the expansion in Spain, they have gone from producing twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty-four thousand, doubling the output.

Due to their outstanding leadership, OSI Industries will strive to continue to be profitable and keep their high standards of meeting the needs of the retail and food service industries everywhere for years to come.

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NetPicks: Answers to Forex Trading

FX trading, or forex trading, allows merchants to exchange currency in a decentralized marketplace. Those trading can do so by over-the-counter interactions with their finances. They typically deal in global cities that include New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo, and Paris. Since forex trading is centered on whether currency value will go down or up, NetPicks gives consumers the opportunity to trade through strategy and invest in price movements (dailyforexreport.com).

The forex market stays open 24 hours a day. This is due to its ability to trade in numerous cities around the world. When one forex city closes, another one quickly opens. NetPicks offers its customers live signals and charts through its services. Before transactions take place, they can advise chosen currency pairings.

The forex market has characteristics that include limited trading alternatives, high liquidity benefits for traders in retail, and an overall high liquidity of the marketplace. NetPicks suggests that the high fluidity of the marketplace makes most traders prefer using currency pairs. $5.2 trillion is the estimated forex trading volume for any given day (netpicks.com). Furthermore, a highly volatile marketplace provides financial improvements based on the quickly changing prices.

Becoming educated in the forex market is the best way to succeed according to NetPicks. Make sure to determine risk factors, buy based on which pair is going to get stronger, sell based on the pair getting weaker than the current base amount, place selling and buying orders, and follow the steps again in reverse. Likewise, a general understanding of forex terms is similarly needed for successful interchange.

NetPicks is the top standard for training education in marketplaces. Their concentration is on assisting regular dealers attain successful trading. NetPicks has a highly prosperous staff of traders with over 25 years of market knowledge, and 17 years in educational experience.

In 1996 the company was founded. Their headquarters are located in Irving, Texas. They offer coaching on Forex, Futures, signals, systems, stocks, swing trading, day trading, ETFs, and Options. Visit netpicks.com for more information.

Paul Mampilly growth in the investment industry

Paul Mampilly is now a member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined this investment publishing house in 2016 where he is now working as a senior editor. His role is to make sure that the street American gets access to quality information about profitable investments. He has experience of over 20 years. He major in technology stocks but also opportunities in other markets. For instance, he is currently following a mega trend in the medical industry. There is a revolution that is coming up in the industry and those who will be able to spot it will benefit a lot.

Paul Mampilly’s journey in the industry started in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He quickly grew in the career and moved to bigger institutions such as Deutsche Bank and ING. In these two financial institutions, he had the opportunity to manage accounts worth millions of dollars. He was now able to rise a higher level and started managing hedge funds in Wall Street. The Kinetics Asset Management in 2006 employed him. The hedge fund was worth $5 billion before he joined. In just a matter of one year, he had managed to take the company to $25 billion. The company was described as the best in that year worldwide. View ideamesnch.com for more info.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part in the prestigious Templeton Awards. Each trader was given a $50 million as initial capital. In a single year, he had managed to grow his investment to over $88 million. He won the award with a 26% return on investment. What impressed players in the sector and his followers is that he pulled this profit during the global recession of 2008-2009. Not many people would come close to doing what he did. Most of the competitors in the competition made losses.

Paul Mampilly was not happy that he was working for less than o.1 % of American while in the Wall Street. He decided to shift his base from Wall Street to freelancing. He is still investing and educating other investors. He has started the Profits Unlimited newsletter to help people who were struggling with being profitable in the investment industry.

Paul Mampilly has over 60,000 subscribers for his newsletter. He is happy that many people can enjoy good profits from the stocks that he is recommending. Paul Mampilly applies a unique way of picking the best stocks every year. He has 6-point criteria that a stock must meet to qualify as a top a gainer. Source: https://banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/


NetPicks: Learning Smart Forex Investing

It started in 1996. NetPicks was at the forefront of online and day trading. The focus was primarily Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options and ETFs to name a few. The company is a based in Irving, Texas and headed by Mark Soberman. It has a seasoned professional staff who are actual real traders with years of experience.

NetPicks informs about the speculation with forex trades that determine if prices fluctuate up and down. In Fx trading, also known as forex trading, trades often happen in decentralized markets. Customers can make transactions electronically over-the-counter whether they are in London, New York, Paris or Toyko. Charts are also a very helpful tool for traders because they give real time signals, which NetPicks provides. The market is open 24 hours a day and one can trade in several cities.

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The most type of trades often preferred by a trader is called Spot trading. Going in forward and future markets, is a preferred taste for business owners.

NetPicks shares that there are some characteristics to consider about the Forex Market. Volume is normally around $5.2 trillion and the market provides a lot of liquidity. A favorite for some traders is trading currency pairs. Another essential area can be limited trading alternatives. Traders have options of currency pairs in U.S., euro, yen, pound, Swiss franc and Australian dollars (netpicks.com).

It’s no uncommon for traders to engage in leverage trading. This allows them to spend a small portion of their volume by using a margin account with the assistance of a broker. In a Forex Market there are some familiar terms to understand. They include the following:

PIP – A gain or loss

Bid Price – Price buyers are willing to pay

Spread – The difference between bid and ask price

NetPicks tells it traders to always study the market before starting a trade. They want traders to be successful, but also understand the playing field when beginning an evaluation on currency pairs. Many factors that can change a trade. Economic times or political issues in the news can impact a trade and are important elements to consider.

NetPicks has continued to understand how traders operate. They routinely advise them on the emotional toll trading can take on someone. They caution to never trade with money that is needed for something else. Overall, NetPicks is a company that has professionals that remain looking out traders at crucial moments to avoid pitfalls.

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Forex Trading: Why NetPicks Company is Your Best Buddy in Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the heavily traded market in the world. It refers to buying and selling currency in a decentralized global market. The forex market continues to grow with an average of $5 trillion in daily trading volume.

To be honest, not even the world’s combined stock markets come close to this, and fortunately you can trade on the forex market in whichever part of the world you are.

Nonetheless, just like stocks you can trade on whichever currency you think is of value. But in this case, you can trade up or down with ease. For instance, if you think the value of a specific currency will decrease, you can sell it and vice versa.

How the Forex Market Works

The forex market works through several financial institutions and in several levels. What happens is that bankers operate in a several small firms known as dealers. These dealers are involved in the trade of foreign exchange in large quantities.

Therefore, if you want to invest in foreign exchange that means you have to look for the best of these smaller firms, and NetPicks is one of such.

Why You Should Invest in NetPicks

NetPicks is an FX trading company that permits traders to invest in price currencies. NetPicks knows that forex trading is based on speculations and so they try their best to ensure that they reduce your chance of losing out.

In addition, NetPicks advises newbie traders to study market the forex market, so that they understand all the elements that come to play when it come to trading. Keep in mind, other less common factors such as the political and economic ones have a direct relationship with any currency pair.

According to NetPicks, trading should only be done without becoming emotionally involved. On the other hand, NetPicks advises traders to avoid trading to get money they would need for pressing matters (dailyforexreport.com).

NetPicks advises you to trade using small sums from $100 as you progress onwards.

Short Summary Regarding NetPicks

Netpicks was founded in the 90s. The company began with some investors pursuing online trading ventures with the intention to help traders achieve their success too. As a result of their experiences, you can count on NetPicks for your online trading success.

Sharing Happiness and Generosity: The Aloha Construction Way

Aloha Construction president would want to see the spirit of “random acts of kindness” spread throughout the Lake Zurich area, according to the foundation’s spokesperson.

Perhaps the launching of the foundation is the clearest indication of the founder’s passion for sharing with those in need.

During the event on Aug. 14, Aloha Construction offered four sisters the exciting opportunity to enter Learning Express Toys in Lake Zurich and pick all the toys they fancied. Each of the girls had one and a half minutes to grab as many toys as they could.

The foundation had requested two local organizations to select a deserving family for the shopping spree.

The Store Owner Speaks

The store-owner, Rick Derr, thanked the foundation and the girls for shopping there and for “providing us with a glimpse of giving.” The lucky kids ended up with shopping worth 7,000 dollars, Derr said.

The foundation’s generosity inspired the store-owner who chose to contribute by offering a 40 percent discount on the girls’ shopping. He said the event was special and felt honored the foundation had chosen his store.

More Giving in the Future

The foundation linked to Aloha Construction has more giving to do in the future. The giving targets children in need, and hopefully, the spirit of “random acts of kindness” will inspire kids in the area to develop a giving mentality.

Through these charitable acts, the foundation hopes to improve Lake County for the sake of future generations. In fact, the foundation intends to host a charity event every month.

Families in need can expect more shopping sprees, bowling and drive-in movie theatre tickets among other treats from Aloha Construction.

Wouldn’t the world become a much better place if everyone decided to share his or her abundance with the less fortunate?


Shervin Pishevar Says the US Can’t Keep Up

The bold predictions of Shervin Pishevar have consistently proved to be more than talk, as he has often been a step ahead of the competition in regards to investments such as Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Uber, and Airbnb.

Because of his consistent track record, people consistently provide an ear for his predictions, and in a return to Twitter, after a two-month hiatus, Shervin Pishevar came back in bold fashion, unleashing, in what is being called a tweetstorm, a slew of new assessments regarding the economy, and several tech entities that dominate the United States’ business climate. Over a 24-hour period, Shervin Pishevar predicted the eventual crumbling of tech behemoths, Amazon and Google, as well as a 6000 point dip for the US stock market, all of which should begin to come to fruition in the near future.

It only took one day for his predictions regarding the stock market to take shape, as the Dow Jones suffered a 500 point loss due to sell-offs in just a 30 minute time span. The S&P was also affected, and bonds and industrials began to look shakier than anything experienced in recent history. This happening starkly counters the views of President Donald Trump, who in recent times, has continued to champion the direction of the US stock market, particularly due to the steep ascent of a number of stocks. In a counter maneuver, Shervin Pishevar began pushing the hashtag, TrumpDump, as his own predictions seem to be considerably more accurate.

Another major point of Shervin Pishevar’s onslaught of tweets came in regards to America’s crumbling infrastructure, which is being considerably outpaced by a number of countries around the world, most notably China. To back his claim, he discussed a train station in China that was built in its entirety in just 9 hours by a team of 1500 workers – a feat that the United States would be hard-pressed to accomplish. He is also of the opinion that the competitive edge of Silicon Valley has essentially been lost, as the American way regarding entrepreneurship has transcended the borders of the United States, and world-changing companies can be created nearly anywhere in the world today.



Brian Torchin in Business

There are two sources that an employer can utilize to acquire new employees. The sources include external and internal sources. Internal sources of recruitment include referrals, placement, and promotion while external sources include the use of specialty agencies who deal with such matters. Unlike in the past where most employers opted to hire directly, employers are now changing tact and they have turned to outsourcing employees. Recruitment agencies are therefore gaining prominence around the world. The agency links the employer and the employees for a fee. Visit wellness.com for more info.

Brian Torchin is the head and proprietor of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors Staffing. The agency has been of great help to thousands of medical professional seeking employment by linking them to various employers around the world. He has excelled in his education and acquired a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from a recognized institution. He formed the agency out of the desire to reduce the number of medical professionals who did not have a suitable job.

Mr. Torchin has great concern for individuals seeking medical assistance. He ensures that the recruits are suited for the specific jobs through proper counseling and verification. His good work has gotten the attention of various media channels. Some of them include Simply Hired, Examiner.com, and Topix.com which all praised his great contributions towards ensuring that professional healthcare is accorded to all patients across the world. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

He is active on various social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter which he controls personally. Many people have benefited from his information which he passes through these social media channels by acquiring jobs around the globe. He urges medical professionals to join his agency in order to enjoy various privileges accorded to the members. He has been in the career for more than three decades and uses his vast experience to help his patients.

Brian Torchin has displayed exemplary leadership skills through the great success in the firm becoming the biggest recruitment agency in the world. The firm has gained a very good reputation around the world and has earned the confidence of various players in the health industry.

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OSI, world leader

OSI group has been around since 1909. Since then, the company has grown from being a local food supplier in Aurora, Illinois to being the leading supplier of value added foods in the world. OSI sells food to food services and retail brands. Their product portfolio include: products for breakfast, side dishes, lunches, entrées, desserts and snacks. Over the years, they have built a reputation for themselves by providing its clients with high quality products.

As their reputation and client base grew, OSI opened up more offices across the globe. This helped them increase their presence around the world. They also acquired companies that deal in the same industry and share in their vision. So far they have acquired Baho foods, Tyson food industries and flagship Europe. These acquisitions have not only helped them have a greater presence around the world but also enabled them to widen their product range. In addition to the increased product range, they also have been able to penetrate markets that would have otherwise been difficult to penetrate.

Being a fast growing company, OSI has exposed its employees to competitive working conditions. Since the company is expanding fast, there is always room to move to the next level. This promises the employees growth in their careers. It also invests in the latest equipment in the market to ensure that their services are always top notch. As a result, OSI employees have the opportunity to train themselves in using some of the best equipment in the industry. This helps them better their skills as individuals and makes them very marketable in the job market.

Other than making profit and providing good work conditions to their employees, OSI has the environment at heart. More than just feeding the world, OSI is determined to keep the environment safe. For this reason, right from the boardroom level to the retail shops, OSI has integrated environmental management in every stage of its leadership. This enabled them to enter the Globe of Honour environmental competition. To successfully compete, they had to obtain a five star ratting with the officials at British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme for a period of over six months. This was to help determine the effectiveness of their environmental management policies. Having satisfied all the requirements of the competition laws, OSI was awarded the globe of honour in 2016 by the British Safety Council. Talk of giving back to the environment.

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How NetPicks Helps You Take Advantage of Forex Trading

NetPicks has been a reliable resource for teaching individuals the ins and outs of forex trading since 1996. Forex, short for foreign exchange trading, lets individuals trade in currency pairs. Trades are done electronically on a global scale and occur in a decentralized market that never sleeps. Traders typically make use of live charts and signaling services such as the one provided by NetPicks (dailyforexreport.com). Forex trading is lucrative and doesn’t require much to start up.

Individuals are able to trade through forward and futures markets as well as leverage trades. Spot trading is the most common type on the forex market. The hallmark of the forex market according to NetPicks, is its liquidity. While stock market traders have a vast array of investment opportunities, the forex market is limited. This leads to traders working with better calculated risks. While high risk trading of exotic currency pairs is available, an educated trader knows the payout is not worth the potential downfall.

Traders are advised by NetPicks to make logical decisions and not to trade with their emotions. Risk factors should always be calculated first. Traders should plan on the quote currency being weaker than expected. One of the benefits of forex trades is that they are easy to buy and sell because the market price is viewable in real time. Profits or losses can be seen from a trader’s account as soon as the trade is closed.

NetPicks Trading Strategies has been educating traders for over twenty years from their headquarters in Irving, Texas. NetPicks trading systems are there for your individual needs whether your goal is to make some cash on the side, or to go full time. NetPicks promises attentive white-glove support. Their full staff of experienced traders are eager to listen and won’t tire of explaining difficult concepts. Trading is a complicated process for many simply because they lack the knowledge. NetPicks is there to ensure your decisions on the market are as well-informed as possible.