Brian Torchin in Business

There are two sources that an employer can utilize to acquire new employees. The sources include external and internal sources. Internal sources of recruitment include referrals, placement, and promotion while external sources include the use of specialty agencies who deal with such matters. Unlike in the past where most employers opted to hire directly, employers are now changing tact and they have turned to outsourcing employees. Recruitment agencies are therefore gaining prominence around the world. The agency links the employer and the employees for a fee. Visit for more info.

Brian Torchin is the head and proprietor of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors Staffing. The agency has been of great help to thousands of medical professional seeking employment by linking them to various employers around the world. He has excelled in his education and acquired a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from a recognized institution. He formed the agency out of the desire to reduce the number of medical professionals who did not have a suitable job.

Mr. Torchin has great concern for individuals seeking medical assistance. He ensures that the recruits are suited for the specific jobs through proper counseling and verification. His good work has gotten the attention of various media channels. Some of them include Simply Hired,, and which all praised his great contributions towards ensuring that professional healthcare is accorded to all patients across the world. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

He is active on various social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter which he controls personally. Many people have benefited from his information which he passes through these social media channels by acquiring jobs around the globe. He urges medical professionals to join his agency in order to enjoy various privileges accorded to the members. He has been in the career for more than three decades and uses his vast experience to help his patients.

Brian Torchin has displayed exemplary leadership skills through the great success in the firm becoming the biggest recruitment agency in the world. The firm has gained a very good reputation around the world and has earned the confidence of various players in the health industry.



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