OSI Industries is one of the top one hundred private food processing companies in the United States and has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. They are a global company with sixty-five locations in seventeen countries.

You may ask, “Why is OSI Industries in the top one hundred?” The following reasons will answer that question:
1. They have some of the best chefs who are experienced in creating original food ideas and offering the best food products to various food service industries.
2. They are a cost-effective company and exceptional in getting the word out about their new food ideas.
3. They establish partnerships and listen to the ideas of others to create top-of-the-line custom products.
4. They are known all over the world.
5. They hold the highest values and perform all aspects of business with integrity.

OSI Industries employs twenty thousand people in all of their facilities. They hire people that are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated as well as want to work as a team to offer the best service to customers. OSI Industries wants everyone to work together to create an environment that benefits all. Employees need to be able to deal with any concerns their customers may have and provide solutions for those concerns. There are over eighty-five jobs available at their locations in the United States. There are also career opportunities in Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Spain and in Asia-Pacific.

In 2016, OSI Industries won the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council, a leading Health and Safety Organization. They received this award due to their outstanding way of managing environmental issues and by receiving five stars in the council’s environmental management audit.

OSI Industries has been in business since 1909. The current Chairman and CEO is Sheldon Lavin, a person who is totally involved in all aspects of the operations of the company. He has been key in the expansion of OSI’s growth internationally, Spain being one of them just recently. Since the expansion in Spain, they have gone from producing twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty-four thousand, doubling the output.

Due to their outstanding leadership, OSI Industries will strive to continue to be profitable and keep their high standards of meeting the needs of the retail and food service industries everywhere for years to come.

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