Talos Energy Acquisition of Stone

The Harvey tropical torment made the streets of Tim Duncan’s suburban region in Kingwood, Texas inaccessible. There was no power and the night was approaching when news came that another 6 feet Hurricane Harvey floodwaters were looming. Duncan carried his wife, son and their two dogs through the waist-high water into a FEMA rescue water vessel. Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy was sad. He was still arranging the merger of his company with Stone Energy and was bankrupt. The merger was a risky play although it was going to make Talos Energy a public entity.

Tim Duncan did not use the floods as an excuse. Instead, he boarded a private plane that took him and his family to his parent’s home in Alabama. He lived in his parents’ home and every day after dinner, he worked late into the night on their dining table to negotiate business deals. Duncan completed the deal and in May, Talos took over Stone’s listing and Duncan became the owner of an oil company worth revenue of 900 million USD annually. Most of the assets owned by the company are situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil company will be carrying out most of its operation in both the United States and Mexico waters. The most valuable asset that Talo Energy will acquire from Stone is the Pompano platform and several new drilling wells. The Pompano platform was purchased from BP for 200 million USD. To to know more about the company click here.

Talos Energy is a typical wildcatter since it is taking its chances on oil wells that are situated in both the United States and Mexico waters. Currently Talo can produce approximately 48,000 barrels of oil on a single day and it is aiming at producing more oil in the future. Tim Duncan was born and raised in Egypt, Texas, and Florida. Nonetheless, he speaks more like a New Yorker. Mr. Duncan has been known for making very tough business decisions Mr. Duncan started working in the oil industry in 1996 at Zilkha Energy. He took part in launching the Gryphon Exploration which bought an oil field known as High Island 52 in shallow water in 2000.

The Chainsmokers American Music Awards

At the recent Billboard Music Awards, The Chainsmokers took a moment to pay homage to producer and DJ Avicii. The EDM world suffered a loss on April 20th, that’s when Avicii passed away. It was reported that the DJ committed suicide. He was 28 years old.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the two-man production team known as The Chainsmokers told the Las Vegas crowd that Avicii inspired many artists in many ways. This was prior to presenting the Top Hot 100 song of 2018. Pall and Taggart also dedicated their Top Dance/Electronic Act award to the famed swedish DJ.

In 2014, the New York City Based production duo the chainsmokers hit the scene with their top 20 single “#Selfie“. The group found themselves in the top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 with “Roses“, a single from their debut album “Bouquet” in 2015. As of today, Chainsmokers have won a Grammy Award, 4 American Music Awards’s and 5 iHeartMusic Radio Awards. Also, Taggart and Pall scored a number one single with they’re hit record “Closer“.

Formed in 2012, the DJ and production duo perform EDM music. When speaking of influences, Chainsmokers refer to artist like Pharrell Williams. The group says they have pulled inspiration for songs from artist like Blink 182 and Taylor Swift. When asked about the duo’s sound, Andrew Taggart mentioned hip hop, dance music, Indie and pop music. He stated that they blur the lines between those genres.

Singer and songwriter Halsey was also at the Billboard event. While presenting with the Chainsmokers, she had this to say about Avicii, “Everyone who worked with him would say that he was such a joy and that makes this tragedy all the more painful. It’s a reminder to all of us to be there and support and love our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental illness.”

Given the statements made by The Chainsmokers and Halsey at the Billboard ceremony, one can imagine that Avicii will be missed by the EDM community


The U.S. Money Reserve is Teaming Up with the Perth Mint to Cherish Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation

The U.S. Money Reserve and the Perth Mint are teaming up once more to introduce customers to the latest purchase. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation are cemented in three pieces of 99.99% silver and gold for the 65th Anniversary. The set includes 2 gold coins, one weighing 2 oz., and the other weighing 1/4 oz. along with a 1 oz. silver coin.

Moreover, the detailed pieces are breathtaking. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth’s portrait with ‘2018’ and a market value listed. The reverse contains St. Edward’s Crown with a shield labeled ’65’ below.

On both sides of the crown and shield are Australia’s floral emblem and state flowers. The reverse side is complete with a small P Perth mintmark and an inscription on the outer edge. All sets include a Certificate of Authenticity and a First Strike Label.

The U.S. Reserve and the Perth Mint partnership was part of an evolution for both companies. Reaching out to companies with similar operations and like-minded aspirations meant growth beyond expectation. The partnership brought positive experiences, including introducing exclusive coins to excited customers.

Successes include the 75th Pearl Harbor Anniversary, the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday. For Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation coins, the money reserve gets 203 coins exclusive to them while the Perth Mint gets 47.

The U.S. Reserve is proud to have exclusive rights to most of the sets, and we have split coin exclusivity between Perth and us for years. We are America’s Gold Authority because of top-notch customer service, the superb staff, and our loyal customers. Customer service is top-notch due to knowledgeable experts with quick response time.

The superb staff is a mix of paramount experts in fields such as numismatics, coin researchers, inventory, shipping, and compliance. Both add up to loyal customers who continue to purchase quality products online, over the phone, and at our Austin TX facility. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Researve | Instagram

The reason for the celebration is due to the significance surrounding the coronation. The Battle of Britain’s sub-battle within World War II drained the nation dry. Great Britain and the Commonwealth suffered after the war ended. The coronation was a cultural shift that changed the world.

Three hundred million people around the world watched the crowning on June 2, 1953. From the embroidery to the parade, it gave the world hope for the future. Sixty-five years later, the U.S. Reserve and the Perth Mint want to cherish this moment with these limited edition coins. Purchase a set before it’s gone.

Students of Academy of Art University Develop Innovative Augmented Reality App

Recently, a team of students from the School of Game Development at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA participated in a community event sponsored by “Tech in the Tenderloin” and the “Salvation Army Kroc Center”.

For the event, the students demonstrated a collaborative Augmented Reality (AR) app called “Tenderfeels” that enables local residents to share with others in the Tenderloin District how they are feeling in real time. The app was developed to collect data that will enable neighborhood leaders to identify problem areas and improve safety for everyone.

Development of emerging technology is just one of the many ways students of the Academic of Art University are making positive contributions. The Academy of Art University, founded in 1929, offers an extensive variety of creative arts programs, including Digital Media, Architecture, and Art History. Situated in the heart of the Tenderloin District, the Academy of Art University is located near the prestigious neighborhoods of Nob Hill and the Financial District.

The Academic of Art University is an integral part of San Francisco’s thriving art and design community and hosts more than 70 art shows and gallery exhibitions annually. As a recognized leader in art education, faculty and alumni have received extensive awards and recognition for their work within a variety of fields, including fashion design, industrial design, and sculpture.

The Academy of Art University is an accredited institution that provides a flexible student enrollment process for its art and design programs. In addition, its online educational platform represents a diverse academic population with students and alumni from over 110 countries.

Course curriculum of the Academy of Art University is developed by industry experts and represents a broad range of customized content including interactive slideshows, video presentations, and written materials. As a result, coursework is engaging, meaningful, and relevant. Created by artists for artists, the Academic of Art University has been an important educational provider for nearly a century. With its focus on quality and innovation, it will continue to be a leading institution for art and design education.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: http://www.academygalleries.com/academy-galleries/about/contact-us.html


NetPicks : Understanding the Forex Market

Forex trading is a perfect money making opportunity for the modern investor. This market is easy to navigate, and it does not require people to spend long hours in the office. People who are wise have decided that they are going to invest their resources in this department, and they have been getting the high profits they need in their investments. With FX trading, there are several risks involved. For new investors who want to try this market and earn profits, it is critical to understand all the rules of the game (hitechchronicle.com)

There are companies in the market that understand the kind of challenges faced by investors in forex exchange. These organizations have been established in many parts of the country, and they have been assisting customers with the investment advice required to change their status in the forex market. One of the best performing organizations is known as NetPicks. NetPicks is very popular among the veterans in the forex market. The firm came into the market so that it could assist clients navigate the complicated forex market. The founders of the large forex company had realized that many people were failing in their investments because they did not have the exposure that is required.

Learn more on http://www.financeswire.com/netpicks-leader-in-small-business-forex-trading/

Traders can rely on the information offered by NetPicks when investing in the forex market. The charts and other essential live signals that are always provided by NetPicks will guide the client to make a decision that will result to profits at the end of the day. The company is run by experts who will guide the investor to the financial freedom that they desire. There are several cities of the world that are associated with the forex market. Some of these include New York, Tokyo, Sydney and few others. When the customer who needs to trade discovers that one of the market is closed, then they can comfortably look for trading opportunities in the available areas. Understanding some of the terms used in this industry is considered to be one of the most essential factors. Without this simple trick, customers risk making mistakes that will result to losses .

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OSI Industries: Leader in Food Production

At present, OSI Industries is one of the most well-known meat product providers in the world. They currently house 20,000 workers and 65 manufacturing buildings in 17 nations. They started as a butcher shop which has exponentially grown into a corporate giant–and it is considered one of the biggest success in the industry under the 20th-century economic upturn. The company is continuously growing and expanding to more countries as they strive under a globalized trading market.

Humble Beginnings

OSI Industries stated as an immigrant story that began in America.

During the early 20th century, a man named Otto Kolschowsky became a member of the German immigrants who lived in Chicago, Illinois. People who previously lived in Germany made up one-fourth of the population in Chicago during that time. The city was bustling during the Industrial Revolution, and it became an entry point for immigrants who want a taste of a better life. They came in establishing new businesses in the farms around Illinois.

During that time, Chicago was branded as a meat capital. Carl Sandburg described the city as the “Hog Butcher for the World”, a “Tool Maker”, “Stacker of Wheat”, and the “City with Big Shoulders.” OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

The western portion of Chicago occupied most of these immigrants. In 1909, Kolschowsky started a small retail butcher shop and meat store for the community. He was a good businessman, and within 10 years, he expanded into serving not only his community but other companies who are in need of supplies meat products.

After another 20 years in business, he grew the company into a larger one and rebranded it as Otto & Sons during the last years of the 1920s.

Meaningful partnerships

The Otto & Sons company continuously grew and became innovative, as this was the time where a lot of business sprouted and competed with each other.

This was also the time when Ray Kroc started his own McDonald’s restaurant in 1995. The branch was located in Des Plaines, Illinois. During that time, Kroc was still a franchiser at the original branch in California. Ray Kroc entered into a handshake agreement with Otto’s sons Arthur and Harry to be the main suppliers of meat for their burgers and other meat products. This was a partnership that proved to be promising, as both companies grew into a success.

OSI Industries continues to expand to this day, forming many alliances with meat industries in various countries.

Truly, OSI Industries has inspiring roots. There is no secret to business–only hard work, dedication, at networking with like-minded people who will help you achieve your goal.

To know more visit @: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

Netpicks: Netpicks on Simple Trading Strategies

Netpicks is an organization that was founded in the year nineteen ninety-six to provide trading education to beginners in trading it provides trading training for a number of markets which include Forex, Stocks, Futures and ETFS. Its headquarters is located in Texas (ceocfointerviews.com). Its staff is comprised of real traders who have experience of over twenty-five years and over seventeen years in training. Their trading methodology was created with several types of traders in mind who include, Full-time traders, part-time traders and done in minutes.

Netpicks also provides support to their students all through after learning their trading this has helped solidify their position as one of the leading tutors in this industry. They also help in installing indicators in one’s charts hence making it simpler to trade in the various markets.

In one article by Netpicks they advise traders to develop simple trading strategies in order to achieve better trading results and avoid cluttering their charts with many indicators which can lead to analysis by paralysis. They go on to state that once many indicators are used the trading results tend to be difficult to remain inconsistent. For day traders it tends to be particularly difficult to see the bulk price move for example if one has to consult several indicators they would tend to miss a move.


It is easier for one to develop a simple trading strategy by first looking at the high-level view of how markets move this include, markets trade in a trading range, markets breaking out of trends with momentum and reversion to the mean when the price extends far and fast. Consulting one of the views, the trading range one can use moving averages one could also use price action which tends to look at lower highs and lows in a downward trend and higher highs and lows in an upward trend one considers himself in a trading range once the stair stepping stops. On breaking and momentum trends always begin with a breakout although we see the breakout we use momentum to tell that something has changed In the market.  More on netpicks.com.


Netpicks is an online trading site that was founded in the year 1996. It was launched just as an online website for trading. It has since then provided essential tips for regular traders. It has been able to offer extensive help for traders in assisting them to achieve their trading goals in the market.

Netpicks have its headquarters in Irving, Texas. It has an experience of more than two decades in personal trading. It also boasts of over 17 years of trading training and education to its diversified customer base. Its staff comprises of trading experts who have been in the field for a long time.

Netpicks allows its customers have access to simple trading strategies. The word simple does not refer to just putting your investment in any trading that comes along. There are factors, most of which are simple to follow, those help traders to choose the best trading procedure (netpicks.com)

Surprisingly, most traders overlook simple trading. Successful trading does is not dependent on the amount of information that a trader has. Value of the data is paramount. If a lot of information were the key to successful trading, then there wouldn’t be that high level of loss-making in the market. Clutter consultation is essential too.

Each trader online trader is searching for ways to tilt trading favors on their side. Traders are spending sleepless nights in the hunt for successful probabilities to make profits. It is not a simple task. Deleting redundant trading indicators from your charts can help a trader to access simple trading.

Trading Ranges

There is a simple way to identify whether a trader is in the trading range. A trader needs to consider a trend that has lower highs and low in down. This trend changes to higher highs and lows in an uptrend. That’s the period the trader is in a trading range. A moving average can also be consulted when one wants to find their trading range. At this time, prices move back and forth without shifting too far from the moving averages.

Breakouts and momentum

Trends start with a trading average breakout, and in most cases, traders can see the breakout. Some other times one can even notice its signs. In such cases, traders can use momentum to show them the shift in the market.


Adversity in communication and technology

With the adversity in the communication systems, it is evident that the level of awareness is becoming rampant. Cancer is one of the diseases associated with abnormal cell growth having the potential to invade other body parts. It can affect anyone whether a relative, friend or a colleague irrespective of one’s social status. With the very many types of cancer, measures are being induced to improve the living standards of those afflicted.

One measure is through eating plant-based, low methionine diet. The triumph of the diet led to the inception of The Cancer Diet app. The food can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. The app gives a variety of recipe for various meals. This champions for cancer survivors to advocate for a diet with low methionine level.

Also, Newswatch television show is a broadcasting media platform. With more than two hundred markets featured in this show, it is still reliable. Also, Newswatch broadcast show has aired more than a thousand episodes weekly since its inception in the year1989. It covers a wide range of subjects such as medical breakthroughs and public awareness programs.newsatch has been a dedicated news channel that is aimed at keeping its viewers in tune with current events.

Despite that it airs shows for only thirty minutes, it ventures into various venues. Also, it has multiple specialties. Newswatch is featured among the award-winning television shows as a result of its technology, consumer, and entertainment format. It is hosted by various media practitioners who engage in interviews with newsmakers in a remote location.

Moreover, newswatch won itself awards for its remarkable services. It focuses on technology market, reviewing new upcoming mobile apps and celebrities. With the great demand from its audience, it focuses on various fields. With automation and efficiency in communication and technology,awareness is being manipulated among different venues. Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: https://newswatchtvreviews.wordpress.com/

Ted Bauman Mentions Investing In Vault Protection For Your Assets

Ted Bauman, like many of his other colleagues at Banyan Hill gives his article and newsletter readers information on investing and building up their wealth, and not just through traditional investments like stocks and bonds but also through precious metals and other commodities. But one thing he doesn’t want his readers to forget about is protecting physically-owned precious metals which is why an investment in security is just as important. Bauman mentioned five security methods for storing and protecting precious metals, but a vault company either domestic was the best way he recommended doing it. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates.

Ted Bauman Says vaults have added protections that safes and bank deposit boxes don’t have. Safes can be adequate if you live in a neighborhood where crime risk is low, but still they are never completely impenetrable. Bank deposit boxes are more secure, but you have to pay for insurance for your assets and report them on your taxes. The government also could take them if there were a financial crisis like the one in Greece. Foreign bank deposit boxes are better because you can keep them protected from your own government, but you still have to watch out for any actions by the government in the country where the bank is. Vault companies do not allow the government to seize assets unless they specifically have a court order to do so. If you go with a foreign vault, you’re exempt from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act even if you keep physical cash in it. The bottom line Bauman wants you to know is the importance of making sure your assets are safe for emergency situations cannot be overstated.

Ted Bauman believes investing doesn’t have to be done just one way, and he writes about a wide variety of investment vehicles in his newsletters “Alpha Stock Alert” and “The Bauman Letter.” He has traveled all around the world to 75 countries in his lifetime, but he spent much of his early professional career in South Africa. The program he managed there was Slum Dwellers International which helped poor and homeless people get housing at a very low price. Groups he collaborated with included the South African government, World Bank and the UN. Bauman was also with the housing program for Habitat for Humanity for a few years until he became solely a newsletter writer for Banyan Hill. His investments have done very well and are scattered into a wide variety of industries. Learn more: http://sovereignsociety.com/bauman-letter-reports/