Louis R. Chenevert: Reforming the United Technologies Corporation

The United Technologies Corporation is one of the largest producers of technological devices in the world today. One of the reasons why they keep on being at the top is because of the number of engineers they have working for the company. They can also give credits to Louis R. Chenevert because as a former chief executive officer, he did his best in moving the company forward. He made some reforms in the company, and these changes are still evident up to this day. His colleagues who are still working for the United Technologies Corporation are stating that without his will and determination to bring reforms in the company, the United Technologies Corporation would not be as successful as today.

Louis R. Chenevert was originally from Canada, but he had to migrate to the United States to find better-paying jobs. He worked for a lot of companies in the past, but the most memorable one would be at General Motors, where he spent more than ten years working as one of the company’s employees. When he had the chance to transfer to the United Technologies Corporation, Louis R. Chenevert never think twice and made his move. The company’s board of directors checked his background, and when they found out that he worked with General Motors and other companies before, they selected him to be the company’s next chief executive officer. He started to perform as the company’s leader in 2006, and he will be serving the United Technologies Corporation for the next eight years.

Louis R. Chenevert is known for his program that would allow the company’s employees to take up a scholarship and go back to school. A lot of their employees chose to become engineers, and as a result, the United Technologies Corporation has a lot of engineers who have brilliant ideas for new inventions. Louis R. Chenevert believed that investing in human resource is one of the best things that a company can do, and he revealed that helping the employees working for the United Technologies Corporation has given him a chance to prove himself as a great leader.


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