Malcolm CasSelle as WAX president

Malcolm Casselle is the chief information officer of OPSkins as well as an entrepreneur. Currently, he is the president of Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX). Before joining WAX, he worked as chief technology officer and Head of New Ventures. In addition to the stated, CasSelle served various administrative tasks at Digital Media of SeaChange International which he joined in 2015. Casselle also steered digital startups which include Xfire, Mediapass among others.

CasSelle invested in Facebook, Bitcoin among other companies at their initial stages. He is a co-founder of NetNoir, and he has served in various administrative tasks at several online gaming companies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University are his alma mater where he graduated with bachelor’s degree and masters in computer science respectively.

Under his leadership, OPskins has started a WAX’s block platform. The primary objective of starting this platform is to eliminate technological limitations which raise a result of a centralized marketplace. The blockchain platform will solve some of the virtual asset markets hitches including fraud and fragmentation. Concerning fragmentation, the WAX allows users to prove gaming monies they possess as well as trading their gaming assets with various traders. Secondly, the platform will eliminate FOREX issues in cybernetic asset markets hence all gamers will transact with its token regardless of their utility tokens. Indeed, it will solve fragmentation hiccups at geographical level hence trading of different cryptocurrencies will be possible in the absence of intermediaries.

Apart from solving fragmentation issue, WAX will also resolve problems of fraud and safety experienced at cybernetic markets. Often users and gamer’s delivery issues from the sellers which is can be mitigated by a blockchain. OPSkins ensures a fraud-proof sale or purchase at virtual markets by use of a smart contract. Additionally, WAX eliminates intermediaries who play a prominent role in the fraud. Malcolm CasSelle believes that WAX’s decentralization will benefit virtual market traders greatly by minimizing market inefficiencies. Moreover, the platform will help video games related to virtual assets markets globally.


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