Netpicks: Netpicks on Simple Trading Strategies

Netpicks is an organization that was founded in the year nineteen ninety-six to provide trading education to beginners in trading it provides trading training for a number of markets which include Forex, Stocks, Futures and ETFS. Its headquarters is located in Texas ( Its staff is comprised of real traders who have experience of over twenty-five years and over seventeen years in training. Their trading methodology was created with several types of traders in mind who include, Full-time traders, part-time traders and done in minutes.

Netpicks also provides support to their students all through after learning their trading this has helped solidify their position as one of the leading tutors in this industry. They also help in installing indicators in one’s charts hence making it simpler to trade in the various markets.

In one article by Netpicks they advise traders to develop simple trading strategies in order to achieve better trading results and avoid cluttering their charts with many indicators which can lead to analysis by paralysis. They go on to state that once many indicators are used the trading results tend to be difficult to remain inconsistent. For day traders it tends to be particularly difficult to see the bulk price move for example if one has to consult several indicators they would tend to miss a move.


It is easier for one to develop a simple trading strategy by first looking at the high-level view of how markets move this include, markets trade in a trading range, markets breaking out of trends with momentum and reversion to the mean when the price extends far and fast. Consulting one of the views, the trading range one can use moving averages one could also use price action which tends to look at lower highs and lows in a downward trend and higher highs and lows in an upward trend one considers himself in a trading range once the stair stepping stops. On breaking and momentum trends always begin with a breakout although we see the breakout we use momentum to tell that something has changed In the market.  More on

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