The U.S. Money Reserve is Teaming Up with the Perth Mint to Cherish Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation

The U.S. Money Reserve and the Perth Mint are teaming up once more to introduce customers to the latest purchase. Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation are cemented in three pieces of 99.99% silver and gold for the 65th Anniversary. The set includes 2 gold coins, one weighing 2 oz., and the other weighing 1/4 oz. along with a 1 oz. silver coin.

Moreover, the detailed pieces are breathtaking. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth’s portrait with ‘2018’ and a market value listed. The reverse contains St. Edward’s Crown with a shield labeled ’65’ below.

On both sides of the crown and shield are Australia’s floral emblem and state flowers. The reverse side is complete with a small P Perth mintmark and an inscription on the outer edge. All sets include a Certificate of Authenticity and a First Strike Label.

The U.S. Reserve and the Perth Mint partnership was part of an evolution for both companies. Reaching out to companies with similar operations and like-minded aspirations meant growth beyond expectation. The partnership brought positive experiences, including introducing exclusive coins to excited customers.

Successes include the 75th Pearl Harbor Anniversary, the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding, and Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday. For Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation coins, the money reserve gets 203 coins exclusive to them while the Perth Mint gets 47.

The U.S. Reserve is proud to have exclusive rights to most of the sets, and we have split coin exclusivity between Perth and us for years. We are America’s Gold Authority because of top-notch customer service, the superb staff, and our loyal customers. Customer service is top-notch due to knowledgeable experts with quick response time.

The superb staff is a mix of paramount experts in fields such as numismatics, coin researchers, inventory, shipping, and compliance. Both add up to loyal customers who continue to purchase quality products online, over the phone, and at our Austin TX facility. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Researve | Instagram

The reason for the celebration is due to the significance surrounding the coronation. The Battle of Britain’s sub-battle within World War II drained the nation dry. Great Britain and the Commonwealth suffered after the war ended. The coronation was a cultural shift that changed the world.

Three hundred million people around the world watched the crowning on June 2, 1953. From the embroidery to the parade, it gave the world hope for the future. Sixty-five years later, the U.S. Reserve and the Perth Mint want to cherish this moment with these limited edition coins. Purchase a set before it’s gone.

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