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Mark Soberman is the founder of Netpicks Company. The company was established in 1996 and since then has continued to thrive in the forex trading and educational training (releasefact.com). Almost over two decades now, Netpicks has been offering guidance to individual willing to invest in currency trading, forex trading. To most people, forex trading seems to be a complicated concept. However, with the right information and strategies, it would turn out to be an investment worthwhile. Netpicks has made it happen for many traders. They are based at Irving, Texas.

Forex market is a 24hr market. Through live signal services provided Netpicks, traders can trade currencies in the various city across the world. Be it in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris or New York. It makes it possible to trade in the available market anytime a particular market closes. They are various ways in which traders can choose to trade forex. One of the most opted ways is Spot trading which means trading at moment notice. In this kind of trade, they are no predetermined possibilities. Traders make decisions based on the real-time updates from the system.

The system continuously notifies trader on various updates and advancements in the market hence timing becomes a crucial factor on whether you lose or gain. Alternatively, a trader can also choose to trade in the future and forward markets. Traders often trade currency pairs as the market is known to be extremely liquid. Trade volume can move up to around $5.2 trillion on a particular day. Additionally, it is much safer to use major currency combination in trading like EUR and JPY, GBP and USD among other rather than “exotic” pairs because of the high-risk factor involved in their transactions. Popular currency pairs are highly liquid and hence preferred by most investors. Constant market updates always create vast opportunities for trading.

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It is in this context that Netpicks comes in to offer advice to traders on the risk factors and on various strategies that one can use to realize a fruitful trade. Trades are advised to start with a small and unbudgeted amount of money.

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