Jeff Yastine Provides Investing Information for the Average American Investor

Jeff Yastine was recently featured in Haley Thompson’s article on the Chronicle of Week website titled “Jeff Yastine is Gearing Up for a Solar Revolution”. The article reveals that solar panels have been largely undervalued. Guggenheim Solar ETF has been endorsed by Yastine and has risen nearly 10%. The other solar company he recommends, First Solar, has risen 40%.

Yastine originally entered into the financial world after working in journalism. He studied journalism at the University of Florida and he became a national correspondent on PBS. He also worked with the Nightly Business Report providing information on potential investment opportunities like Intuitive Surgical, Carnival Corp, and the Lennar Corp.

Yastine reveals that the solar companies are just beginning to grow into their potential. Solar energy produced more power than previously, which the Department of Energy recognized as an increase in 47% production. This accounts for more than 2% of the U.S.’s energy consumption. In 2012, the Americans only received .001% in solar energy. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Yastine is currently recommending a variety of stocks in his newsletter including Vestas Wind Systems, Under Armour, Rio Tinto and others. He believes in solar power because panels are beginning to be produced on a global scale. The IRS and Federal energy regulators also ruled in their favor. They ruled that the homes that use their solar energy panels and systems will receive a tax credit. The Federal Energy Regulator also revealed that energy storage would be possible for solar energy within the year.

Jeff Yastine was also featured on Brandon Ferguson’s article “Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street”. The article was published on Affiliate Dork and traces the growth of Banyan Hill Publishing. The company has become known for providing information to protect and grow the average American’s wealth. They don’t provide the typical advice of financial advisors. Instead, it provides experts who have served as fund managers, worked with world leaders, and analyzed business management and financial planning.

Jeff Yastine himself is an Emmy nominated journalist. He became the editorial director of the Total Wealth Insider. After reporting on small-cap growth investment opportunities and the real estate crisis of 2007, he decided he wanted to help warn average investors about unsustainable growth.

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