Guilherme Paulus: 2017s Entrepreneur of The Year In Tourism

Guilherme Paulus is a man committed for the sake of business. His dedication to this field of work led him to become the best entrepreneur in the tourism sector in 2017. His amazing tactics in business is all based on his own style of purchasing and selling a business. He made sure that all his investments will be shared with the right people to ensure the growth of the company. This is exactly what he did with CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia – a company that’s providing the best tourism services in Brazil since the 70s when Mr. Paulus found the company when he was 24 years old.

The company gained improvements over the years thanks to the investments done to the company. It’s all thanks to the powerful connections of Guilherme Paulus which led him to provide more than 60% of the company’s share to a group called Carlyle. Mr. Paulus also divested a part of CVC as well, earning him R $750 million in the process. It’s a very safe gamble as he was confident that his new partners can provide the improvement that CVC deserves, and it really did. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

But what defines the top-class entrepreneurship skills of Guilherme Paulus was when he made a big investment which led to his success as of today. It is all thanks to his tactic to invest GJP group – a large company in Brazil that operates 20 hotels throughout the country. Mr. Paulus really wanted to have this company. That’s why he decided to take 15 of its hotels so then it will operate under him. What happened next was marvelous as the 15 hotels seemed to gain more tourists over time. This just shows that Guilherme Paulus is not just a smart investor, but is talented in the field of tourism. This achievement helped him gain the Entrepreneur of the Year award in tourism last 2017.

Investments are the game of entrepreneurs, as they provide the necessary funds for purchasing with the right business to share with other entities. His talent in tourism is also known to be a natural as he is capable of promoting Brazil in many ways through the means of his acquired businesses. This is what a true entrepreneur is as their passion for business is what drives them to success. Learn more:



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