Saygus Recommends NewsWatch In Its NewsWatch TV Review

Saygus is a smartphone maker based in America. The manufacturer decided they would hire NewsWatch TV. In turn, NewsWatch produced reviews and aired the reviews on national TV. They also wanted the company to launch online campaigns. The team at NewsWatch went to Barcelona to conduct filming and they also produced segments there too. This was for both the launch of the smartphone and Saygus’ Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks to the marketing campaign, Saygus raised hundreds of thousands over their goal. In fact, they raised over a million dollars. Tim Rush, the vice president of Saygus, said NewsWatch did an amazing job with the marketing campaign. He said he highly recommends using them and they conveyed exactly what they (Saygus) wanted.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is an American television show that has won numerous awards. The show features reviews about mobile apps, consumer news, consumer electronic reviews and government news to name a few. The content that’s covered on the show is both sponsored and editorial.

NewsWatch’s main office is located in the city of Washington. They have additional offices in New York City, Fairfax and Denver. The show first aired in 1990 and since its launching, over 1,000 episodes have aired. It originally was a show that focused on financial matters, but it eventually started to cover a range of topics.

NewsWatch airs on various channels, more specifically channels affiliated with the Ion Network and the AMC network. When it initially aired, it aired once per month but today it airs once a week.


Malcolm CasSelle as WAX president

Malcolm Casselle is the chief information officer of OPSkins as well as an entrepreneur. Currently, he is the president of Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX). Before joining WAX, he worked as chief technology officer and Head of New Ventures. In addition to the stated, CasSelle served various administrative tasks at Digital Media of SeaChange International which he joined in 2015. Casselle also steered digital startups which include Xfire, Mediapass among others.

CasSelle invested in Facebook, Bitcoin among other companies at their initial stages. He is a co-founder of NetNoir, and he has served in various administrative tasks at several online gaming companies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University are his alma mater where he graduated with bachelor’s degree and masters in computer science respectively.

Under his leadership, OPskins has started a WAX’s block platform. The primary objective of starting this platform is to eliminate technological limitations which raise a result of a centralized marketplace. The blockchain platform will solve some of the virtual asset markets hitches including fraud and fragmentation. Concerning fragmentation, the WAX allows users to prove gaming monies they possess as well as trading their gaming assets with various traders. Secondly, the platform will eliminate FOREX issues in cybernetic asset markets hence all gamers will transact with its token regardless of their utility tokens. Indeed, it will solve fragmentation hiccups at geographical level hence trading of different cryptocurrencies will be possible in the absence of intermediaries.

Apart from solving fragmentation issue, WAX will also resolve problems of fraud and safety experienced at cybernetic markets. Often users and gamer’s delivery issues from the sellers which is can be mitigated by a blockchain. OPSkins ensures a fraud-proof sale or purchase at virtual markets by use of a smart contract. Additionally, WAX eliminates intermediaries who play a prominent role in the fraud. Malcolm CasSelle believes that WAX’s decentralization will benefit virtual market traders greatly by minimizing market inefficiencies. Moreover, the platform will help video games related to virtual assets markets globally.


NetPicks role in foreign exchange trading.

NetPicks role in foreign exchange trading.

NetPicks is an online based foreign exchange company. They recently released a statement suggesting that Forex trading allows participants to put their money into currency exchange rates. This trade is governed by the fluctuations in the exchange rates. Foreign exchange trade is centrally administered or managed. It is a platform that allows traders to exchange money from one currency to another. The business is usually carried online using various electronic devices. These devices are found in major cities all over the world such as Tokyo and London.

NetPicks plays a significant role in this business. They provide the traders with a live signal as well as guides for assistance. Foreign exchange trading is an activity that takes place throughout the day. The market is usually open for twenty- four hours a day. Different parts of the world open and close their Forex markets at different times, but the central system is always open. Therefore, one can make trades with countries that have free markets, and once they close, the individual can continue making deals with the other countries that shall have opened by then. Click on for more reading.

Many traders prefer making and closing their deals on the spot. However, the market allows people to carry out future trades. That is, they can accept transactions that cannot be closed immediately. This type of trade is generally preferred by business or firm owners. They prefer taking the risk of such trades.

Foreign exchange trading is an always flowing business. NetPicks states that this trade is always active. The majority prefer participating in the activity because of its liquid state. A lot of deals and exchanges are made in a day. Concerning money, over $5 trillion can be traded in a day. In the foreign exchange markets, an individual is offered very minimal choices ( The currencies are usually sold in pairs. The most common currency pair is the US Dollar Vs. Japanese Yen; the Euro and the Japanese Yen and the British Pound sterling against US Dollar. Other couples that exist in this trade include the Swiss Franc against the United States Dollar and the Australian dollar Versus the United States Dollar. The business allows limited choices to avoid complications and mismanagement issues.

NetPicks was established over two decades ago. As stated earlier, the company operates via online platforms. It was created to provide the necessary education and advice on Foreign exchange trading, popularly known as Forex trading.

Forex Trading Insight from NetPicks

NetPicks create charts that enable traders on Forex to exchange their currency with much ease. Trading in the 24 hour market can be done in future markets, by spot trading or in forward markets ( Many traders have a preference for spot trading. The other two available markets are used by traders who are keen on keeping their finances safe.

Market characteristics

The forex market is hardly cash-strapped and close to $5 trillion can be exchanged on a good day. It however offers less choices compared to the stock market. There are a good number of currency pairs that can be traded though the established currencies tend to earn more and present less risks.

Traders on Forex are usually keen on taking advantage of drastic price changes. Brokers provide a margin account from which traders can spend part of their investment.

The prices

Traders who are looking to buy the currency pairs should closely monitor the ask price while the sellers need to keep an eye on the bid price. The difference between the two is referred to as spread. In the course of the transaction losses can be incurred while gains can be made. The two are collectively known as the price interest point.

Gain knowledge

Just like any other business, new traders are advised to probe the market and its patterns before committing their resources. A good understanding of factors that determine the price fluctuations is sure to earn traders large sums of money. Beginners are also encouraged to start small and grow with time.

NetPicks encourages traders to put aside their emotions when making trades. This allows for more informed and conscious decisions with less regrets. They should also set aside the money they intend to use on trades. Making a clear budget will adequately take care if this.

About NetPicks

Since 1996 when it was founded, NetPicks has provided clients with sound knowledge on trading. Irving, Texas is the headquarter of the firm that seeks to support forex traders in their quest to earn a living.

Their team comprises of active traders who have had a feel of the market for more than twenty years. Led by Mark Soberman they bring onboard a vast amount experience geared towards ensuring the clients succeed in their endeavours. Their trading system is simple and very rewarding.

Netpicks Is In The Business Of Educating Traders:

Netpicks has been assisting Forex or FX traders since 1996. FX trading offers its traders the opportunity to utilize a decentralized market to trade currency pairs. The exchanges are located around the world in various major cities such as New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo and Paris.

Netpicks offers its traders a live signal service as well as helpful charts. Traders can also trade in different cities since the market is always open somewhere in the world. The New York exchange might be closed but the exchange in Sydney would still be open.

Making trades on the spot is the method most traders prefer to use. It is also possible to trade in forward and futures markets. If a business owner wants to hedge their bets, then forward and future trades are preferable.

The forex market has substantial liquidity and for this reason, it is preferable to many traders. This is according to the research from the experts at NetPicks. Forex trading volume, on an average day, is done on the basis of trades of up to $5.2 trillion. The forex market has limited options compared to the stock market. Pairs are the primary method of trading currency in the forex market (

Forex traders are allowed to leverage. This is when a trader spends a limited amount of a total investment volume and gets the help of a margin account. Traders with margin accounts only have to have total equity of $1,000 for funding of trades with values of $100,000.

Some common Forex terms include PIP or Pip, which is prince interest point. Bid price is another, which refers to the price that buyers will pay for each pair. Ask price is the current purchase price for pairs and Spread refers to the difference between bid and ask prices.

About NetPicks:

Netpicks is a world leader in providing trading education to its traders. It was founded in 1996 at the beginning of the online trading market. The company is based in Irving, Texas.

The professionals at NetPicks have years of experience in helping everyday traders succeed in the market. All of the trade educators at NetPicks are real-life traders themselves.

NetPicks- Essential Guidance for all Types of Trading

Many of us have tried our luck with or without much success in the markets. Don’t keep trying it on your own or with any other programs. NetPicks is a program that is essential to invest in before you start or go any further with trading.

 What Is NetPicks?

NetPicks is a company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman. Mark and his staff offer many years of both personal trading and trading education experience. Each of the staff members are real traders and their main goal is helping others like yourself become successful traders.

NetPicks is based in Irving, Texas. They specialize in Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options, systems, and signals. This specialized team will be with you every step of your journey as they promise.

Trading Systems Offered by NetPicks

With four different trading systems to choose from, anything you are wanting to learn about and/or do with the trading world is possible.

If you are interested in learning about swing and day trading of stocks and options then the Stock Market Trading System is where you want to go.

The Futures Trading System will teach you about the short term trends in most of the futures markets. You will get a trading course, access to the trading systems, and all the training you will need to be more successful.

If you want to learn about trading online in the largest market then the Forex Trading System will teach you all you need to know.

The Options Trading System will teach you all you want to know about trading stock options. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a profit from a trade you just did without ever owning it? Learn how to do this here?

NetPicks is an all around company that provides everything you will never from learning about trading, the different systems available to use, amazing customer support, and the list goes on. Don’t forget to read their blog as it contains even more information to keep you up to date on the trading world and company information.

Hussain Sajwani’s Close Ties To President Trump And His Business

Just this last April, the Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump family got together for another special occasion, the wedding of Sajwani’s daughter Amira. President Trump, the first lady and first daughter Ivanka were not present due to pressing matters at home, but Donald Jr. and Eric Trump and their families both attended. All of them were pictured in a photo with the Dubai real estate mogul with whom they consider to be a great friend of the family’s. The Trumps and Sajwani have already opened several golf courses in the UAE together including the AKOYA Oxygen property and the Trump International Golf Club which opened around the same time President Trump took office. Eric and Donald Jr. also stopped by the Trump World Club which will be opening some time in the near future. Trump did turn down one deal with Sajwani for reasons he said were to avoid showing a conflict of interest as president, but Sajwani believes more deals can be done.


Hussain Sajwani has earned the title of “Real Estate Legend,” an honor he was given at an Arabian Business Awards ceremony. He’s been the key investor and funding source for magnificent buildings in places such as Dubai’s financial district where Park Towers stands tall, Marina Terrace’s hotels, Beirut’s DAMAC Tower, the DAMAC Maison property and AYKON City, a hotel and high-rise housing city within Dubai itself. He also has designs in his buildings from Bugatti, Cavalli and Versace. Sajwani also controls stakes in DICO Investments, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and Al Amana Building Supplies.


Hussain Sajwani came from a simple background as the son of a trade shop owner, but he made it to the University of Washington where he got his degree in business. For the first several years of his career he was a contracts manager for an Abu Dhabi oil company, and then he began a catering venture. That catering company was an international success though it only made millions compared to the billions he would make after starting DAMAC Properties in 2002. But Sajwani is proud of having a background in the food industry and proud to have served US troops during the Gulf War of 1991. The catering company is still operating as part of Sajwani’s hotels.

The Need for Hussain Sajwani To Drive Innovation For His DAMAC Properties

It is said that businesses should be encouraged to expand, scale up, propagate and evolve. Business leaders are heroes and are given less credit for what they are due. They risk their own capital, and they get no guarantees of success with their ventures, and they’re the ones who generate jobs for the country. This is exactly why DAMAC Properties Chairman Hussain Sajwani should be seen as one remarkable business leader that should be supported by any stakeholder. His ventures provide jobs for everyone, and he pays for all the risks and consequences of his ventures.


Relationship With Donald Trump

One article from Arabian Business states that Hussain Sajwani is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He’s even known to have said that he’s Donald Trump’s man in the GCC. We can see from his perch at Dubai that he’s also not just using his close ties with Donald Trump for nothing. He continues to grow DAMAC Properties with the help of such alliance. He supports the Trump Organization to make sure that more business can be generated not just in Dubai, but also in the United States. With no business growth, there’s no use to have many employees to train in government schools. What the world needs are more business, not more employees.


The Career

Being the chairman of the Dubai-based luxury properties in DAMAC means that he has the big-ticket networks that could expand to something more serious. From his beginning career as a food service businessman, Mr. Hussain Sajwani already knows what it means to apply not just theories on business, but real life experiences. Since 2002, DAMAC Properties has already been a product of Mr. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani’s substantiation of everything that he has learned. This is why he already knows the difference between just creating products for a minor scale, and what it means to work in an industry that you’re not allowed to be complacent. With these lessons, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is able to understand that his career right now has no reason to slack off. For his own career and the branding partnerships he has built, he should continue to create innovative luxury products for DAMAC to compete in the market.

Improve Forex Porfits: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade gave everyone the ability to make money like the Big Dogs when it started operations in 2006. Heretofore, people needed to go to a stock broker. Traditional options were very complicated and expensive.


Binary Options are very simple and cheap. You only need 250 units of dollars, euros or pounds to start at AvaTrade. If you understand asset valuations, you can make good money.


But, just like life, there might be some luck involved. You can set up the perfect trade, but something can go wrong. That is why you might need a four leaf clover or rabbit’s foot.


You can also use trading tools to automate your execution. AvaTrade has permitted the usage of many plug-ins to its platform.


Predicting Asset Prices

Forex started with trades of things like dollars versus pounds. Now, you can trade commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares and ETFs. Commodities include wheat, oil and gold.


The modern brokers, like AvaTrade have taken the industry to the next level using contracts for difference (CFDs). Now you can even trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on this platform.


If you are new, you can hire an AvaTrade Expert Advisor to help you. They can explain the strategies for winning trades. The managed account can also be used to help you with multiple accounts on the trading platform.


Find Your Niche

If an athlete has a good luck streak, he might wear his “lucky socks.” The same is true for Forex. If a certain trade worked, then why not keep on doing it?


AvaTrade gives you options. You can do with them, what you want. The FX Empire was so impressed with AvaTrade that it gave them several annual awards.


AvaTrade has satisfied the needs of many Forex traders. You know the Irish are lucky, so won’t the Irish based Forex Broker, AvaTrade be lucky too?

Class Dojo Helps Students

There are many ways you can help your students if you are a teacher, but Class Dojo may be one of the best options for you and your students. You may be wondering what you can do with it and how it will work for you.

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is an app that can help both students and teachers to connect to each other as well as other students in the classroom and the parents at home. This app gives everyone a chance to see what is going on in real time. It gives a unified place for everyone to see the same information that the others are seeing and it gives them a chance to understand what is happening in the classroom. There are a lot of benefits for students as well as teachers and parents.

Student Benefits

The benefits for students are that they feel more connected to everyone they need for their education. Their parents are able to see what is going on and can help them without being asked what they are doing or what they are having trouble with. This can help with kids that don’t want to tell people what they are having trouble with or what they may not understand. Class Dojo takes that barrier away by giving their support systems all the information.

Parent Benefits

Benefits for parents are pretty similiar. They will get a chance to see what they are doing in the classroom and they will get to understand what their children may be having a harder time with. This way they can get involved or talk to the teachers to see if they need them to do anything to help their children to get the most out of their education.

Teacher Benefits

Teachers get benefits as well. They don’t have to track down parents to give them information. It’s all on the app for them and it’s in real time. They also can get support they need in order to help their students to get a great education.

Class Dojo is there to connect everyone to each other. This can make a huge difference to all involved. Every teacher should have Class Dojo for their classroom.