The Astonishing Use Of Trabuco In War

Trabucos were quite common during the medieval era. These powerful weapons were used during that period to cause major destructions. Trabucos were quite common during the middle age since they were massive weapons. Trabucos were employed to throw objects against enemies. The weapons were mostly used to destroy masonry work.

The Chinese are said to be the originators of Trabuco according to The weapon became quite popular in Europe due to its extensive use during the crusader’s era. During that time, it was regarded as the most terrific war machine. However, Trabuco is not sophisticated as compared to mangonels, catapults, ballistae among others. The operations, as well as mechanisms of Trabuco, were quite simple. The weapon was simple to build. Additionally, maintenance was quite cheap bearing in mind that it could be made within a short time and cheap materials were used. The weapon was impressive because it could through heavy projectiles. Other similar weapons such as catapults could not throw heavy missiles as compared to the Trabuco. Due to such features, Trabuco became very popular in different parts of Asia and Europe according to

To throw a huge material, the Trabuco uses gravitational potential which is converted to kinetic energy. The counterweight size determines the force that is used to launch a projectile. This implies that a large counterweight can be used to initiate a strong projectile. Energy from the Trabuco is lost in the form of heat and sound.


Two types of Trabuco were used during that period. The first one was the tensile Trabuco which depended on a human operator. The effort side had a tight rope tied to it. The operator was supposed to pull the cord. Wu Jing Yao de Zong was the largest Trabuco that has ever been documented. The Trabuco was used to hurl huge rocks that weighed as much as 140 pounds. Astonishingly, this enormous Trabuco was operated by as many as 250 people. Four shots could be made in a minute using the tensile Trabuco.

Later on, advancements were made thus resulting in the hybrid Trabuco. The hybrid Trabuco was similar to the tensile Trabuco but had a weight on the effort bar. This type of modification was done to ensure that the Trabuco was much stronger and that it could reach a greater distance. The first operation that was done using the hybrid Trabuco was documented in Egypt. This Trabuco was used to destroy the huge walls of Damietta city.

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