The Success Story of Entrepreneur Rona Borre

Rona Borre is a renown business lady known for establishing, Instant Alliance. She also serves as the CEO of the company. Rona studied at the University of Arizona, graduating with BS in Business. Her efforts have been noticed as evidenced by Business Ledger honoring her as the most influential woman in business, as well as being recognized by Enterprising Women Magazine as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. For a closer look at Instant Alliance, click

In her recent interview with IdeaMensch, Rona explained how the idea of Instant Alliance was born. Rona worked with a recruiting and staffing company immediately after college. Her passion as a recruiter made her be interested in catching up with the trends and learn new technology in the industry. At age 25, her client base had grown, and when the company she worked for was bought and merged with another firm, she resigned to start her own organization because she felt the company culture had changed. In 2001 when companies were laying off employees, Rona took the opportunity and absorbed many good workers and customers from her previous organization.

Rona Borre’s success can be attributed to her ability to connect with her employees. This interaction makes them feel motivated. She also strives to satisfy her customers’ needs by delivering the best solution and products to them.

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Redefining the Mortgage Industry with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University and majored in Speech Communication. He accepted a position on Crestar Mortgage Corporation and performed his job flawlessly from 1995 until 1999. Mr. Lubar left Crestar Mortgage to work at Legacy Financial group in Arlington, Texas. He stayed with Legacy Financial until 2005; then he accepted the position of Senior Vice President in Charter Funding. Mr. Lubar brings a lot to the table skill wise, but his most impressive skill is mortgage banking. He has excelled in this field for years. He has also owned several companies in the nightclub business, recycling business, and the real estate developing business. Todd Lubar was inspired to start his business through seeing people over his 20 years in the finance business find relief when they got the loans they needed. He states that the secret to success is getting up immediately after something you’re doing or investing in has failed and starting again.


Todd Lubar has a long history of going above and beyond for his clients. He has ranked as one of the top 25 mortgage brokers in the country over and over again. In 1999, he began his first real estate development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. This company quickly expanded and over a short period had over 200 transactions finalized. The company purchased properties, rehabilitated them, and then sold them for profit. He continued networking with this company, and at one point had lines of credit opened as high as $20 million dollars.

According to Hackronym, in 2003, Mr. Lubar founded Charter Funding and was able to expand his business even more because he gained access to funding and programs. Mr. Lubar noticed in his 12 years in the reality financing sector a group of people who were going unnoticed, so he founded Legendary Financial LLC, and this company works with individuals and small businesses to get them the funding they need. Mr. Lubar currently has over 7,000 transactions in his portfolio, and this allowed him to hone his instincts over time.

Todd Lubar is a passionate, motivated businessman who has developed a reputation for excellence. He is known for putting his clients first and doing whatever he can to make them happy. Check out his LinkedIn page to know more.