Felipe Montoro Jens Report To Inter-American Development Bank Governors

Good leadership is determined by the actions of a leader. If a leader does not possess good leadership qualities, there are probabilities that he or she will fail in his mission. Felipe Montoro shows these qualities by his take on the Brazilian infrastructure. In a meeting held in Argentina on March 24th, he presented a report regarding the matters of infrastructure to the governors. Through the report, Felipe Montoro Jens challenged the governors of the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) on the decreasing investments in Brazil’s infrastructure projects.

As an expert in infrastructure projects, Felipe Montoro Jens found it necessary to increase the investments. The report impressed many to an extent that he was backed by the minister of planning, development, and management. In his statement, this would be of great significance, especially, to Latin America. Felipe projected that it would increase support in many areas in the private investments in infrastructure projects.

The minister of development infrastructure, Dyogo Olivera, and Felipe Montoro seemed to agree on one point. There was an urgent need of studies regarding project risk management. According to the fiancé minister of IDB board of governors, LUIS Capitulo, the proposal was quite logical. He stressed that the board of governors would work towards meeting these goals whenever feasible. In the reports brought forward by Felipe Montoro, Brazil was also proposed as the best future investment place for the Spanish. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

There was a plan to invest heavily in infrastructure such as creating roads and improving the water system. In addition, Felipe’s reports showed that the fourth infrastructure was also a factor to be emphasized by the governors. According to the DyogoOlivera, this proposal was, however, possible with support from other countries that also were associated with the IDB governors.

Brazil engaged numerous partnerships to achieve the plan. With over $360 billion spent within the last decade, the investment policy has been on the move. More than 1000 public-private partnerships projects were held resulting in gradual development in the proposed infrastructure. Felipe Montoro’s report revealed that IDB acquired loans worth $12.9 billion. As referenced from the ministry of planning, it stated a 20% increment from the previous year 2016. Learn more: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens




Mina Ebrahimi began to operate in Seven Corners bakery that belonged to her parents when she was just eleven years old. It was at this level where she started to build a substantial experience in the industry of hospitality. Mina continued to manage the café which later on moved to Tyson Galleria. The business was then called Saint Germain. When Mina was twenty-six years old, she walked out of her family’s café and established her organization. The organization was named Saint Germain Catering.


The company focused on corporate catering, and also it concentrated on catering to her main customer’s special event and wedding needs. Currently, Saint Germain Catering is one of the most prominent catering organization owned by a woman in the nation. The company manage over two hundred occasions on a daily basis and serve over seven thousand individuals every day across Virginia, Washington D.C, and Maryland. This indicates her tremendous success and how its business is well recognized.


Mina Ebrahimi believes that she is real evidence that American dream is still alive. She celebrates her parents for being extraordinary good examples to emulate and providing her with the chance of thriving and living in the U.S.A. Mina takes incredible pride in the business of catering at Saint Germain. She has developed the organization to offer services in areas of DC metro for over twenty years.


Mina as a lady who owns the business, she believes that she will continue to mentor both women and men in that business and at the same time giving back to the society while inspiring many people to have the same kind of effects. In 2014 she won an award under Washington Business Journal.


Mina Ebrahimi is a philanthropic person who loves to offer support to some initiatives. Mina supports McBane, a dog that detects cancer with Pennsylvania University Dog Vet Working Penn, assisting with the efforts of the university in coming up with detection tools for cancer (ovarian cancer). This help more than fourteen thousand women who lose their lives annually because of ovarian cancer. The team of catering at Saint Germain means the world to her. Mina has workers that she has worked with for over nineteen years. Her favorite food that she loves to make to her family and friends is BBQ.



Anil Chaturvedi: A Banker with Lots of Experiences

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker who currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He is Hinduja Bank’s present managing director, and he brought a lot of reforms in the company that he is serving. He has been in the banking industry for 40 years, and throughout his career, he only worked for the top banks in the industry. He specializes in investment banking, private banking, corporate banking, and commercial banking. He also established a link between the banks in India and the banks in Europe, enabling the two regions to share economic policies that would benefit the economy. His colleagues have recognized anil Chaturvedi as one of the best leaders of Hinduja Bank. Keeping the bank at the top is a tough job, but for Anil Chaturvedi, it is just an easy task.

Anil Chaturvedi started working with Hinduja Bank back in the year 2011. Through his efforts, the company experienced several changes, and he introduced a lot of reforms after working for the institution for six years. He transformed the industry across continents, bridging regions together to create more dynamic economies across the planet. By helping companies in India and Asia to get business partners in Europe and the United States, the economics of these regions flourished, and trade became stronger than ever. There was also a rise in the number of acquisitions and mergers under his leadership, and business people are saying that Anil Chaturvedi leading the bank is beneficial to its employees and its place in the world of business.


Anil Chaturvedi worked with several financial institutions in the past, with most of them being based in the United States. Because of his hard work and determination to succeed, he managed to get promotions, and he would also get invitations from some of the top banks on the planet. Anil Chaturvedi truly transformed the industry because of his vision to create an open world where trading is prevalent, and no barriers can be found. It is his dream to see every nation on the planet one day trading with each other without any sanctions. He stated that it could be possible if everyone would cooperate.



All You Need to Know About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks have been around since roughly 2013. The company was launched as a way for ordinary people to earn thousands of dollars in corporation-issued money. These corporations are tied to the gas and oil industries, that look for investors who are willing to put money into their efforts. When someone invests into the company’s stock, they will then issue money back on their earnings. There have been people who have used Freedom Checks who have received tens of thousands of dollars simply by investing a few hundred dollars into the company’s stock. Read this article at Money Morning.

The company was founded by Matt Badiali, who is an expert in mining, agricultural and oil production industries. He has worked with these organizations since his career started in 2002 and has since found a program that essentially guarantees money for those who simply invest a small amount into the leading fuel energy producers and providers throughout the world. It’s been estimated that these organizations will be paying out over $34.6 million USD in the next year in the form of Freedom Check. These checks are only issued to investors who have put money into the stock, and the more money you put into a particular company, the more money you get back. In fact, one person who has made use of the Freedom Checks program made a whopping $145,000 in his first year.

To make money off of these Freedom Check options, you’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter to learn valuable trade secrets that guarantee money back with a small one-time investment. The newsletter is written and produced by Matt Badiali himself, who is an expert in both investing and entrepreneurial strategies. Unlike other programs that require a huge startup fee with little to nothing in return, Freedom Checks teaches you ways to invest in multi-billion dollar corporations and companies that are looking to give away their profits as a tax write-off.

Due to the nature of the company, many people wonder if it’s a legitimate option to earn cash from home. Thankfully, Freedom Check gets thousands of positive reviews with photos of people holding up their huge corporation-issued checks. The checks are valid and can be deposited into any checking or savings account with a trusted bank. With over 586 companies willing and waiting to give away their overage profits, it’s time for you to take advantage of Freedom Checks and start earning your own investment money. Visit: https://affiliatedork.com/matt-badialis-freedom-checks-real


Stream Energy: Brief Information on How They Aided in Tough Times

The foundation of Stream Energy, Stream Cares Foundation played a big part during Hurricane Harvey. Companies that were located in both the United States and areas past it impotent as they were watching the flooding of the area. In this the Americans own lives, home, and pets as well were taken from this disaster.

In the eyes of the company of Stream Energy, corporate philanthropy is a layer of the DNA of the company. “Stream Cares” is a company of financial help in order to organize the moving philanthropy that takes place in Texas and throughout the country. This is something it has taken action in for over twelve years.

It is vital for either a business or corporation to start up a single branch of philanthropy. That example is a phenomenon that’s comparatively new. This gives out double advantages. The company has the chance to give their own money to the community at the same time as getting loyalty and respect as possible clients and publicly. Corporate giving’s usually high profile and greatly revealed to public. This type of giving’s definitely compassionate but, in the eyes of the virtual C-level executive, this buffer type’s useful in many levels. For example, in the falling of profits, the occurrence of scandals, and when the hard times go onto layoffs. The company has been constructing relationships in the long term with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. It’s also important to mention that an example of a cause that associates of Stream Energy have deep care for is homelessness. The employees and the company alike track in a routine how many are without homes in Dallas. A company called “Hope Supply Co.” assisted them. For example, they have aided giving things like clothing to those without homes

Stream Energy is one of the head connected upfront and one of the linked companies of service. Stream Energy are available in locations like New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Since it had started in energy, the company had grown to include services in linked life services like digital voice service as an example.


Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has made a big name for himself in the cosmetic industry. He studied at the Tulane Medical School and was a star student. But after working in his father’s medical practice, he decided to focus his attention on the real estate business. He grew his wealth through his real estate investments but when Hurricane Katrina struck, he lost millions over night and eventually left the area to go to Atlanta. He saw the writing on the wall and knew that the real estate boom would soon be over, as he saw people with no income getting 100 percent financing on properties. This irresponsible lending along with his loses from Hurricane Katrina led him to end his career in the real estate business.

After leaving the real estate market, he decided to enter the medical field once again. In the mid 2000s, Dr. Mark McKenna founded a company called ShapeMed. The Atlanta-based ShapeMed included several offices that offer cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and laser hair removal, as well as weight loss counseling.

ShapeMed was sold in 2015, and Dr. Mark McKenna has been working on a new business called OVME (pronounced “of me”). With cosmetic medical offices around the nation, customers can use an app to have freelance practitioners come to their homes to do their botox treatments in-house. This revolutionary idea has made a big wave in the cosmetic surgery industry and has plastered news stands.

While there are some local competitors, there is no one doing what OVME is doing. Their completely new and fresh idea appeals to the many customers who don’t like the idea of “going to do the doctor” and would rather have Botox treatments done in the comfort of their own homes.

OMVE finds the freelance staff to do house calls from large medical trade-shows as well as plastic surgery society meetings. They are looking to attract midlevel practitioners like nurse practitioners who are able to do the procedures based on state laws.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a real estate mogul turned cosmetic surgery startup entrepreneur, who is making a big splash in the plastic surgery world with his completely innovative and new ideas.


Talos Energy Acquisition of Stone

The Harvey tropical torment made the streets of Tim Duncan’s suburban region in Kingwood, Texas inaccessible. There was no power and the night was approaching when news came that another 6 feet Hurricane Harvey floodwaters were looming. Duncan carried his wife, son and their two dogs through the waist-high water into a FEMA rescue water vessel. Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy was sad. He was still arranging the merger of his company with Stone Energy and was bankrupt. The merger was a risky play although it was going to make Talos Energy a public entity.

Tim Duncan did not use the floods as an excuse. Instead, he boarded a private plane that took him and his family to his parent’s home in Alabama. He lived in his parents’ home and every day after dinner, he worked late into the night on their dining table to negotiate business deals. Duncan completed the deal and in May, Talos took over Stone’s listing and Duncan became the owner of an oil company worth revenue of 900 million USD annually. Most of the assets owned by the company are situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil company will be carrying out most of its operation in both the United States and Mexico waters. The most valuable asset that Talo Energy will acquire from Stone is the Pompano platform and several new drilling wells. The Pompano platform was purchased from BP for 200 million USD. To to know more about the company click here.

Talos Energy is a typical wildcatter since it is taking its chances on oil wells that are situated in both the United States and Mexico waters. Currently Talo can produce approximately 48,000 barrels of oil on a single day and it is aiming at producing more oil in the future. Tim Duncan was born and raised in Egypt, Texas, and Florida. Nonetheless, he speaks more like a New Yorker. Mr. Duncan has been known for making very tough business decisions Mr. Duncan started working in the oil industry in 1996 at Zilkha Energy. He took part in launching the Gryphon Exploration which bought an oil field known as High Island 52 in shallow water in 2000.

Ted Bauman Mentions Investing In Vault Protection For Your Assets

Ted Bauman, like many of his other colleagues at Banyan Hill gives his article and newsletter readers information on investing and building up their wealth, and not just through traditional investments like stocks and bonds but also through precious metals and other commodities. But one thing he doesn’t want his readers to forget about is protecting physically-owned precious metals which is why an investment in security is just as important. Bauman mentioned five security methods for storing and protecting precious metals, but a vault company either domestic was the best way he recommended doing it. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates.

Ted Bauman Says vaults have added protections that safes and bank deposit boxes don’t have. Safes can be adequate if you live in a neighborhood where crime risk is low, but still they are never completely impenetrable. Bank deposit boxes are more secure, but you have to pay for insurance for your assets and report them on your taxes. The government also could take them if there were a financial crisis like the one in Greece. Foreign bank deposit boxes are better because you can keep them protected from your own government, but you still have to watch out for any actions by the government in the country where the bank is. Vault companies do not allow the government to seize assets unless they specifically have a court order to do so. If you go with a foreign vault, you’re exempt from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act even if you keep physical cash in it. The bottom line Bauman wants you to know is the importance of making sure your assets are safe for emergency situations cannot be overstated.

Ted Bauman believes investing doesn’t have to be done just one way, and he writes about a wide variety of investment vehicles in his newsletters “Alpha Stock Alert” and “The Bauman Letter.” He has traveled all around the world to 75 countries in his lifetime, but he spent much of his early professional career in South Africa. The program he managed there was Slum Dwellers International which helped poor and homeless people get housing at a very low price. Groups he collaborated with included the South African government, World Bank and the UN. Bauman was also with the housing program for Habitat for Humanity for a few years until he became solely a newsletter writer for Banyan Hill. His investments have done very well and are scattered into a wide variety of industries. Learn more: http://sovereignsociety.com/bauman-letter-reports/


Improve Forex Porfits: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade gave everyone the ability to make money like the Big Dogs when it started operations in 2006. Heretofore, people needed to go to a stock broker. Traditional options were very complicated and expensive.


Binary Options are very simple and cheap. You only need 250 units of dollars, euros or pounds to start at AvaTrade. If you understand asset valuations, you can make good money.


But, just like life, there might be some luck involved. You can set up the perfect trade, but something can go wrong. That is why you might need a four leaf clover or rabbit’s foot.


You can also use trading tools to automate your execution. AvaTrade has permitted the usage of many plug-ins to its platform.


Predicting Asset Prices

Forex started with trades of things like dollars versus pounds. Now, you can trade commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares and ETFs. Commodities include wheat, oil and gold.


The modern brokers, like AvaTrade have taken the industry to the next level using contracts for difference (CFDs). Now you can even trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on this platform.


If you are new, you can hire an AvaTrade Expert Advisor to help you. They can explain the strategies for winning trades. The managed account can also be used to help you with multiple accounts on the trading platform.


Find Your Niche

If an athlete has a good luck streak, he might wear his “lucky socks.” The same is true for Forex. If a certain trade worked, then why not keep on doing it?


AvaTrade gives you options. You can do with them, what you want. The FX Empire was so impressed with AvaTrade that it gave them several annual awards.


AvaTrade has satisfied the needs of many Forex traders. You know the Irish are lucky, so won’t the Irish based Forex Broker, AvaTrade be lucky too?

Flavio Maluf; Eucatex Partners with Duratex

Eucatex and Duratex are merging to exchange manufacturing assets at BRR 60 million. The two leading manufacturers of construction products have since told the public that they have a binding proposal that allows them to deal.

Background Look

In the contract, Duratex is set to receive land as well as forest assets from Eucatex. The issuer of these assets is geographically situated in Capao Bonito, which is strategically closer to one unit from Itapetininga. Apparently, the business deal has revived the operation of Itapetininga Plant, which belongs to Duratex.

Assets Being Exchanged

Eucatex Group will have manufacturing facilities that specialize in fiberboard sheets from Duratex. According to the management, the Botucatu facility in Sao Paulo is well equipped with manufacturing resources. At the same time, the strategic acquisition of the manufacturing facility allows Eucatex to leverage most of its forest assets. Well, the transaction evaded the MDF panel line found at Botucatu. Moreover, the wood supply to the new production unit will emerge from exclusive third party stakeholders including the suppliers of Duratex.

Benefits of Merging

Other than that, Duratex and Eucatex have agreed on the terms of their businesses. The duo has informed their employees of the impending exchange and they are all prepared for the impending change. Even more, the partnership has without a doubt provided employment opportunities to several job seekers within the community. In the words of Flavio Maluf the head of Eucatex the acquisition will increase the production capacity of the company by 70%. He also revealed that paper printing rates would heighten to supply the growing demand of manufacturing materials. Moreover, the partnership will strengthen the visibility of Eucatex in the industry.

Describing Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the head cheerleader of Eucatex. He has been serving as the chief executive officer of the company for more than ten years. In his capacity as the team leader, he streamlines the entire operations of the company and oversees finance allocation. Other than that, he facilitates partnerships just like in the case of Duratex and Eucatex. Aside from that, Maluf ensures that the company provides top-notch services to its clients.

Visit: https://pt-br.facebook.com/public/Flavio-Maluf