Andy Wirth – Why Lake Tahoe Communities Love Him?

Andy Wirth is not your typical CEO that you often see on the front cover of Ski and outdoor magazines. Instead, he is a person who has worked his entire life in the famous Ski areas around Lake Tahoe region as a park ranger, manager and a high-profile executive. Perhaps, his love for the community enabled him to become a household name in the region.

According to Andy, his father moved to the area when he joined the ski patrol, in 1974. Six years later, he met Andy’s mom. The relationship developed into a strong family bond, which encourages Andy to serve the place he loved so dearly. Moving his way up the corporate ladder, Andy Wirth became the CEO of the world-famous Ski Valley Holdings. However, those who have known Andy, he is still the sort of down-to-earth guy that they met years ago in the Ski slopes of the area.

To deliver high expectations, Andy has crafted a number of community plans around Squaw Valley Ski area. These include expansion projects for the resort and several community initiatives. In fact, when a private group recently tried to incorporate the town, Andy spent cash from his own pocket to oppose the incorporation. Andy believed that incorporation would deprive the town of its identity by restricting corporation with other nearby communities in the Lake Tahoe region.

Just months earlier, he also announced one of the largest Gondola rides in North America, which will connect the base of Squaw Valley Resort and Alpine Meadows. The Gondola will help alleviate traffic congestion in the area. In the future, Andy has more plans to enable different Lake Tahoe communities to come together.

Perhaps, this is among the primary reasons, why he has been selected as a Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Services. Already, Andy With has been instrumental in developing air services in several areas between Colorado and Quebec. He also played a pivotal role in initiating Jet Blue services between NYC and Reno-Tahoe. It seems that his appointment as the CEO of the air service is a perfect choice because there are few individuals who have contributed so much to the area as Andy.

Adam Milstein Named One of the Top 50 Most Influential Jews in the World

Adam Milstein was recently named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Jews in the World. The Jerusalem Post added his name to the list because of the impact that he has made in the world in the last year. Furthermore, being named one of the most influential Jews was in recognition of the sort of impact Adam is likely to make in the coming years.

Adam’s Jewish Organizations

In that list, Adam was the 39th most influential individual. Some of the reasons used in adding his name to the list included the quality leadership that Adam has provided as both a Chairman and Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council. In addition to this, Jerusalem Post listed the excellent work Adam has done in numerous Jewish organizations, such as:
a) StandWithUs
b) The Israeli on Campus Coalition
c) Hasbara Fellowships
d) Birthright Israel
e) Stand By Me
f) AIPAC National Council

Some of the things that Adam Milstein did to warrant the recognition include philanthropic work, activism, and leadership. He’s part of a list that includes other influential Jewish individuals such as political leaders, members of the judiciary, philanthropists and entertainers too.

Adam’s Milstein Family Foundation, Real Estate Business and Early Life

Adam has established the Milstein Family Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is safeguarding and strengthening not only the Jewish people but also the nation of Israel. It endeavors to do this by igniting the pride the current Jewish generation feels towards the next generation. It also seeks to educate Americans who are pro-Israel on the Jewish nation.

Adam Milstein made his name in the real estate sector. He holds the position of Managing Partner within Hager Pacific Properties. He was born and raised up in Haifa, Israel as the son of Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein. Eva was a homemaker while Hillel worked as a real estate developer. Adam married his wife, Gila Elgrably, in 1974.

Adam co-founded the Israeli-American Council (IAC). Interestingly, IAC is the fastest growing organization for the Jewish people in America. Together with other philanthropists – Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, Milstein organized a summit known as the Campus Maccabees whose goal was defeating hate groups that promote anti-Semitism around the world.

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