George Soros Contributes to Clinton Campaign

George Soros is an incredibly wealthy financier – his fortune is in the billions – who has long been a substantial contributor to liberal causes in general and the Democratic Party in the United States in particular. Politico has an interesting article on their website that details how he has recently made enormous contributions to the Clinton campaign on In fact, he’s given about 25 million to the campaign and to related causes, and this number is expected to rise as it gets closer to election day.

Soros appears to be motivated to give in this campaign because of two factors: his longstanding support of Hillary Clinton and his contempt for Trump, who has taken stances on issues important to Soros including religion and immigration that are very much in contrast to those of Soros himself. Because Soros is highly regraded by other wealthy liberal donors, his giving will likely inspire others to give as well. Trump, by contrast, has been ineffective in getting financial support from the wealthy conservatives who usually donate to the Republican Party and is pretty much financing his own campaign.

George Soros’ contributions are his first major donations since his record-breaking financial efforts towards defeating George W. Bush in the presidential election of 2004. In that presidential race, Soros was highly motivated to help Kerry try to defeat Bush because he was horrified by the U.S. invasion of Iraq and even went so far as to compare Bush to Hitler. After Bush won the election, the Hungarian-born billionaire transferred his contributions to broader liberal causes on as opposed to giving to single candidates.

George Soros has made statements to the effect that he doesn’t think it’s right for any one individual, including himself, to be able to throw too much financial weight around in a single election. However, as a result of his horror at the idea of a Trump presidency, he seems to have gotten over his distaste for massive donations in order to help Clinton.

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