George Soros – One of the Leading Political Figures in the World

The political landscape of the United States is filled with many different powerful and influential personalities, but one of the political figures that need special mention is George Soros. He has single-handedly supported and funded many causes he believes in and as a democratic supporter for years; he has pumped millions into the political campaigns of Democratic Party. George Soros is known for many reasons, starting with his highly successful hedge fund company to a successful career as a hedge funder and from being the financial backbone of Democrats to his unmatched philanthropy. Till date, George Soros has given $12 Billion in charity, which is one of the biggest amounts ever to be given to charity and for the social welfare. George Soros firmly believes in giving back to the society and he continually makes efforts in ensuring that he is able to do enough to empower the local and global communities that are in need of help. Read more on

George Soros in order to monitor and manage his philanthropic efforts has a foundation named Open Society Foundation, which is regarded as one of the wealthiest charitable foundations of all times with the base funding of $2 Billion provided by George Soros. George Soros provided an estimated $30 million in the 2016 Presidential Election to the Clinton campaign and offered to provide more if there is a need. However, even after all he could do to support Clinton, Democratic Party was defeated by the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who George Soros has openly shown disliking for. It is primarily because of the rigid and one track policies of Trump’s administration that George Soros feel has the potential of derailing many of the social reform projects that he and his organizations has been working on.

George Soros recently pledged $500 million to provide to refugees, minorities, and immigrants to help them start a business of their own or to help their existing business grow. Investing in the business started by the immigrants and refugees, Soros feel, would motivate them and help them sustain the financial uncertainty they are going through at the moment. George Soros believe that the problems such as racial disparity, justice bias, and prejudice against minorities are increasing like never before in the country, and there needs to be a system in place to keep these things from aggravating any further. It is for this reason he believed Clinton was the right candidate as Soros felt that Clinton could have managed these affairs seamlessly. However, Soros has sincere doubts as to whether the Trump’s administration would be able to meet the expectations of the people of the United States and keep the society united.

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George Soros, having survived two World Wars and seen some of the historic political events in the world, has developed a worldview that has a much broader horizon than the normal point of view people carry. It is for this reason he continues to work towards the causes he believes in and back the political candidates who champion the causes he believes in. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

Keith Mann Is Looking Out For the NYPD

It is no secret that times are tough for cops right now. However, Keith Mann has always appreciated kids and all of the hard work that they do. It is a thankless job at times and requires a level of commitment that only certain people can do. Every time they go out there, they have a job where there is a lot of risk involved. These are people with families and children. There are many nights where their families are worried sick about them. Keith Mann has a tremendous amount of respect for them, as his Uncle is a detective in Staten Island.

Mann has seen how bad things have gotten in terms of how people perceive the police, view the police, and act around the police. He is not a fan of it. He took it upon himself to do something for them to let them know they are appreciated and he recognizes all of the hard work they do all year long. He sent everyone on the 54th Street precinct lunch as a way to say thank you, get some positivity going, and let them know that someone out there is on their side.

Gestures like this really go a long way and can really impact other people as well. One would imagine that the cops are feeling a lot of press, stress, and anxiety with everything going on around them. Because of this, it can make a tough job even tougher. However, knowing they have someone like Keith Mann from Dynamic Search Partners in their corner is a step in the right direction. There needs to be harmony and there needs to be peace. There is no need for all of this rancor and all of this hostility. This is the kind of individual that Keith Mann is.

When he sees something or something that needs help, he steps up to the plate and does something about it. He doesn’t sit idly by and let it happen. He takes action and has always been a man of action. He believes in the good of his fellow man.

The Lovaganza Foundation Is On A Mission To Eliminate Hungry Children

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The presidential election is full swing. The election is a big deal. Most Americans believe there will be changes, but candidate promises rarely become a reality. The candidates like to talk about button-pushing topics like immigration, terrorism, and middle-class stability on, but one topic that is sorely omitted from the main topics is childhood hunger. More than 15.5 million children in the United States go to bed hungry every night. More than 8,000 kids in the U.S. die every from malnutrition every year.

Even though there are organizations that try to address the hunger issue, childhood hunger keeps growing. But one French-Canadian couple, J.F., and Genevieve Gagnon have made it their mission to nourish every child on the planet by the year 2035 in Lovaganza. That’s a tall order given the fact that almost 16 million children die of hunger every year. The Gagnon’s established the Lovaganza Foundation in 2010, and the sole purpose of the Lovaganza Foundation is to united organizations, nations and concerned citizens around the globe. The vehicle to achieve this incredible mission is through films and entertainment as well as through the hard work of volunteers, politicians, government leaders, celebrities and anyone else that wants to accomplish something that nations around the world fail to accomplish on their own.
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J.F. Gagnon is suited for the job of putting a face on the Lovaganza Foundation. J.F. is an accomplished singer, composer, producer, and actor. Genevieve Gagnon is also suited to be his partner in life and the success of Lovaganza. Genevieve is an actress, director, and producer. She is currently the director and producer of the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy is a series of documentaries that address childhood hunger through the lens of a camera. Genevieve and J.F. have been traveling around the world for the last six years filming footage to put in these upcoming documentaries. The first trailer was released recently, and the entire collection is set for release in 2020.  People in Spain, India, the United States and other countries are signing up to be part of the Lovaganza mission.

Those goals are enough food, shelter, medical supplies, vaccines, and clean drinking water for children in every nation. Education is the other goal, and Mr. Gagnon said that goal is as important as all the other goals.

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