Sharing Happiness and Generosity: The Aloha Construction Way

Aloha Construction president would want to see the spirit of “random acts of kindness” spread throughout the Lake Zurich area, according to the foundation’s spokesperson.

Perhaps the launching of the foundation is the clearest indication of the founder’s passion for sharing with those in need.

During the event on Aug. 14, Aloha Construction offered four sisters the exciting opportunity to enter Learning Express Toys in Lake Zurich and pick all the toys they fancied. Each of the girls had one and a half minutes to grab as many toys as they could.

The foundation had requested two local organizations to select a deserving family for the shopping spree.

The Store Owner Speaks

The store-owner, Rick Derr, thanked the foundation and the girls for shopping there and for “providing us with a glimpse of giving.” The lucky kids ended up with shopping worth 7,000 dollars, Derr said.

The foundation’s generosity inspired the store-owner who chose to contribute by offering a 40 percent discount on the girls’ shopping. He said the event was special and felt honored the foundation had chosen his store.

More Giving in the Future

The foundation linked to Aloha Construction has more giving to do in the future. The giving targets children in need, and hopefully, the spirit of “random acts of kindness” will inspire kids in the area to develop a giving mentality.

Through these charitable acts, the foundation hopes to improve Lake County for the sake of future generations. In fact, the foundation intends to host a charity event every month.

Families in need can expect more shopping sprees, bowling and drive-in movie theatre tickets among other treats from Aloha Construction.

Wouldn’t the world become a much better place if everyone decided to share his or her abundance with the less fortunate?

Aloha Construction Offers Tips for Small Businesses to Participate in Philanthropic Activities

Aloha is a roofing and siding contractor operating in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company embraces the act of giving back to the community since they believe that the community plays an important role in the success of an organization. Participating in charity initiatives in the community offers an organization a chance to work with other companies, thus creating good PR, which in turn promotes their products and services. According to Aloha, small businesses can give back to the community through partnerships with local organizations, establishing a foundation for philanthropy and sponsoring of local causes. Establishing a philanthropic unit enables an organization to access more opportunities while having greater control of the donations. According to Aloha Construction, sponsoring local teams or event is a good way to market a brand to the community.

In enhancing their mission to give back to the community, Aloha collaborated with Learning Express Toys of Lake Zurich in support of unprivileged children in the region. Aloha’s philanthropic arm, Dave Farbaky Foundation, sponsored the event that offered children a one-minute shopping spree for toys. Learning Express Toys offered 40 percent discount on the toys that the children picked during the event. The owner of the company, Mister Derr Rick, said that he chose to participate in the event since it teaches the young generation the importance of kindness in society. Dave Farbaky, CEO of Aloha, believes that all children deserve toys irrespective of their backgrounds. He started the charity event with the objective of bringing joy to the lives of children from low-income families.

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