Whitney Wolfe Gets Married and Social Media Crowd Loves It

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, and this is easily the biggest social media company in the world. He is a young entrepreneur that started Facebook when he was in college. When he got married several years ago people commented on it, but it wasn’t big news in a sense because he was just another man that was heading a social media company.

For over a decade it has been male figures in dominant roles when it came to social media. For these men to develop companies like Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat it became somewhat commonplace. This may be why so many people are buzzing about Whitney Wolfe because she is standing on her own as a rare female app developer with her dating app called Bumble the fact that she is solo in a world that is dominated by men makes her stand out. That may also be the reason why her marriage on the Amalfi Coast has captured the attention of social media fans as well. She is a young woman that is apparently getting everything that a young woman would want in the corporate world.

Whitney Wolfe obviously had to fight her way to the top as a female in the dating app industry, but it appears that she has been able to have her own voice thanks to all of her hard work. She connected with people in a whole new way when she put the Bumble dating app on the map. Now that she is married it appears that her wedding was simply ice on the cake to a life that was already pretty fulfilling.

What the recent wedding to fiance Michael Herd shows is that Whitney Wolfe is one of the best managers of time in the millennial world today. She is someone that has managed to start up a multimillion-dollar company that dating company Match.com wanted to purchase for four hundred million dollars. Whitney Wolfe was also dating and getting engaged all while running this successful business. She would eventually get married and even expand her company even more. There are few people that have the ability to manage time in such a prolific way.

With her ability to expand her company and entertain her love life simultaneously it shows that she has a balance. She is doing more than just working. Whitney Wolfe shows that she is also enjoying life.

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