Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer: His Interests, His Influence, And His Reputation with Duda Melzer Digital Properties

If there is one thing that Eduardo Sirotsky “Duda” Melzer realizes, it is the value of hard work. He thoroughly realizes that a company is not built overnight, nor is it built without hard work. It is the guiding principle that he has based his business upon. Overall, there are three characteristics that make up this remarkable Brazilian businessman:

  1. He has developed very strong business interests.

If you are involved in multimedia and digital investment in Brazil, then chances are you have heard of Duda Melzer Digital. He is basically a household name in the country simply because he has a stake in many of the media outlets that Brazilians see day in and day out. For example, he is the head of Grupo RBS, which has a controlling interest in 18 different newspapers and 20 different radio stations.

  1. He has a huge influence.

Going hand-in-hand with his business interests would be his influence. Because of his company’s ownership stake, he is one of the major players in Brazilian media. His company currently sits in fifth place for printed newspapers in Brazil and is first in the country publishers rankings.

  1. He has a solid reputation.

One of the things that Duda Melzer realizes is that integrity is important when building a business conglomerate. Being fair in your business dealings is one of the things that will bring clients back again and again. Check out clicrbs to see more.

Of course, one of the things that goes hand-in-hand with these principles in creating Duda Melzer digital properties would be the strong work ethic he has. It was Duda Melzer’s grandfather who founded the media company in 1957, and it was his father who continued the work and passed it down to Duda. Each successive generation has passed down the work ethic needed to run such a major company! You can visit their Twitter page.

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