Betsy DeVos’ Philanthropy Work

I have over the years admired Betsy DeVos’ philanthropy work because of her commitment and consistency towards supporting important ideals in the society. Together with her husband Dick, she established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 as a charity organization for supporting programs that focus on leadership, justice, arts, education, and the community. The main focus of this foundation is to leverage support for the mentioned areas, accelerate transformation, and her cultivate leadership.Betsy DeVos is a strong defender of conservative Christian and political views, and this is normally reflected her charitable giving. Through her foundation, Betsy has been able to fund many republican candidates vying for various positions across the country by donating millions of dollars. In the recent past, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been able to fund a wide range of organizations that support education and conservative ideals.

In the last five years, the foundation has managed to donate; $400,000 to an education site under Loudspeaker Media Inc., $400,000 to The Partnership for Educational Justice, $200,000 to The Potter’s House, $766,500 to Conservative organizations, and over $500,000 to colleges and universities.The foundation has many long term partners that receive regular funding to promote its ideals. Betsy DeVos has always been involved in political fundraising throughout her adult life, and was very instrumental in Bush’s re-election in 2004. During that campaign, Betsy DeVos personally helped in raising over $150,000. It is estimated that since 1989, the DeVos family has been able to donate more than $17 million in support of the Republican Party and its candidates. She argues that her efforts are meant to promote respect for traditional American virtues and conservative governing philosophy. As one of the largest single contributors to the Republican campaigns, there is no doubt that she is a very influential figure in the party. She is also a long-term advocate for better schools and children rights.

Betsy DeVos’ Biography

Betsy DeVos is an American activist, politician and businesswoman born in January, 8 1951. She is the current Secretary of Education in the United States. She grew up in Hollad, Michigan, which is her hometown. She attended the Holland Christian High School and graduated with a Bachelors degree in business economics from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was actively involved in university politics until she graduated in 1979.Betsy DeVos comes from one of the wealthiest families in Michigan and was amber of the Christian Reformed Church in North America during her childhood years. Her husband Dick is a multi-billionaire and has always supported Betsy’s philanthropy work. Betsy DeVos has been an active member of the Republican Party since 1982 and has over the years held various positions in the Michigan Republican Party. She is the owner of a group of companies known as Windquest Group, which has interests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology.

Students, parents, teachers communication improved – ClassDojo App

The world has been evolving each century, thank you to the new technologies that have made the world a comfortable place to live. The education industry has not been left out concerning growth and technology. One of these technologies is ClassDojo, and it has raised $21 million in a Series B funding of venture funding for Tech that is responsible for uniting tutors and teachers to student’s parents and has been of benefit in the way of communication of student’s activities, social and behavioral growth at school. Classdojo has improved the communication between parents and teachers throughout the year and even throughout the school day. Parents are informed of how their children are conducting themselves as well as their experiences something that was not possible during the parents’ teacher meetings held once in every semester.

ClassDojo Company closed late 2015, and its founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, are planning to use the capital to work out what type of element and content can be of help to parents who use the app, not only at school but also at home as well as growing their team. Sam mentioned that their purpose is to great communication between parent and their kids that will help parents to develop what their children are doing at school.

Sam and Liam, the founders of Class Dojo, said, when they were creating the app they had seen others that created apps to help in books and school curriculum, but they saw the gap that was there in apps that engaged teachers parents and students.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It is located in San Francisco California. It was started with the aim to improve student, teachers and parent’s relationship and to bring out productive behavior, interest, and team in schools. The app has ease teachers duties in class as before it came teachers spent most of their class time doing to improve student’s performance and school activities.

Since ClassDOjos’s inception, it has been experiencing incredible growth. Today it reports it has been serving more than 8500 schools all over the United States ranging from charter schools, private schools and the largest public schools in the country, with most users teaching kindergarten all through to 8th grade. The company’s primary focus is to dispense the app to even further teachers and parents in the United States. ClassDojo’s founders believe thy can create quality features and materials an app that parents would pay to use.