How Technology Has Enabled Eucatex to Be Successful In the Construction and Furniture Industry

Over the last decade, Brazil has experienced an increase in the productivity of the furniture and construction industry. This has in turn improved the production value, made a strong social impact, generated jobs and allowed a strong growth regarding exports. Furniture and construction hubs – typically comprised of large, medium-sized and even small manufacturers are undergoing positive changes particularly after increased growth of the internal market.

Brazil uses a mixture of various production processes such as different raw materials resulting in a variety of innovative and sophisticated products. They are best described as manufacturers who are keen on domestic and foreign market trends.

Eucatex, for instance, is one of the leading manufacturers of wood-related products that are used in the furniture and construction industry. The company has competent executives who know the value of staying up to date despite the rapid change in technology. As technology advances, consumers demand more sophisticated materials. For this reason, Eucatex has ensured that it manufactures what customers want. It has upgraded its facilities to ensure the production of high-quality products.

The management of Eucatex Group understands that technology makes it possible to expand in the marketplace. Investing in technology is crucial in gaining a competitive advantage both in the domestic market and the foreign market.

Since he became the president of Eucatex Group, he has invested in producing materials made from the latest technology. So far, he has inaugurated four facilities across Brazil, each being responsible for producing a complete line of the company’s products.

Eucatex started its operations as a manufacturer of wood-related products like MDP panels and wood panels but has advanced to manufacture paint and resins, galvanized steel roofing sheets and vermiculite-based products which are used in producing ceiling linings and wall partitions. The company has representative offices around the world and exports its products to more than 37 countries around the world such as the Holland, United States, Germany, and Mexico.