How To Acquire And Keep A Great Reputation Online

By now, most people have seen or at least heard of the hit television show Scandal, in which a glamorous, attractive “reputation management firm” keeps Washington D.C.’s elite out of trouble. Although the program is fictional and its cases a bit over the top, it’s loosely based on a real life “reputation manager” and her company. But if real life reputation managers and their ilk aren’t really dealing with rogue politicians and shadow conspiracies, what are some tasks that they handle, and who truly are their clients? A good example of such a firm that focuses on online dealings is Status Labs. Why does this company focus on building, improving, and correcting digital identities and impressions?

The internet has gone from being a novelty to the way most individuals get, exchange, and process information. On the plus side, this is done with lightning fast speed and is capable of reaching a global audience. On the negative side, this also allows both perceptions and misperceptions to be reached quickly. The digital highway’s lack of a human touch makes it more difficult to correct these issues. All internet information can go “viral” or spreads from site to site very quickly. And many websites are disturbingly prone to intrusion. This means that a company’s message and work can be stolen or distorted, leading to an erosion of public trust, that easily can have a negative effect on business.

Status Labs helps customers project the best internet image possible in one of two ways. First, they work with clients to make their targeted audiences aware of their brands, their products, and why those products are so important to them. Secondly, Status Labs staff monitors major search engine sites continuously for activity concerning clients. When detrimental information surfaces, Status Labs pushes it into the depths of the internet, and makes sure that positive, accurate information on it is the first thing that searchers will see when they go looking for it.

The company was created in 2012 by Darius Fisher and Jesse Boskoff who have strong roots in political consulting and marketing in addition to business entrepreneurship. The company quickly took off, and now has thousands of employees, working in thirty offices around the world. Like the gang from Scandal, Status Labs has worked with politicians in addition to Fortune 500 businesspeople, as well as “little people” like Melissa Click. A University of Missouri communications professor, Click got caught in a firestorm of bad publicity both online and off in the winter of 2016. Her confrontation with a student journalist while handling crowd control was captured on video and made her look like an angry bully. She not only received much bad press, she was suspended and ultimately fired from her teaching position.

But Status Labs worked with Click in preparing a series of video apologies and interviews, and today Click is employed at another university. Status Labs has helped Click and many others with techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), meta data, and Google AdWords, and they continue to help thousands more overcome misunderstandings and regain lost reputations, one mouse click at a time.

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