Securus Technologies succeeds in improving inmate communication in U.S

Securus Technologies Company is the leading telecommunication service provider that has tailored their services for prisons and security agencies. The Company has been in the communications industry for a long time where it has served over 2000 correctional facilities over the years. They have expanded their services across Canada and other states in America. The Company has invested more than $ 600 million to advance modern technology services.


Securus Technologies headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. The Company has grown to employ about 1000 permanent employees and 2000 others hired to work on contract basis. The Company holds over 2000 contracts across the world.

Securus has installed applications in their system that translates the conversations to capture every detail in a discussion no matter the language used. The platform is safe and secure hence inmates can be guaranteed of their privacy. The company has remained to be reliable and credible. Securus is always open to its prospective clients, competitors and potential investors who would like to learn how their systems work in their headquarters.


Mr. Smith Eric, Securus Technologies CEO, aims at providing satisfying products and excellent customer experience. The Company’s main aim is to monitor inmate activities, which helps to reduce crime rate and also to provide them with a means to communicate with the loved ones. Securus offers various services such as public information management solutions, inmate self-service, product inspection, communication, information management, emergency response, investigation and incident management.

Securus Technologies has proved its credibility for the last 30 years by connecting inmates with their families. The employees are committed to their work to provide an exceptional technology solution that is advanced and also offers public safety to the officials and incarcerated individuals. The company has employed many professionals such as engineers, designers, and technologist who have acquired excellent skills in providing what’s best in the technology industry.



Securus Technologies is an American profit oriented company based in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986 with offices in Atlanta, Texas, Allen, Georgia, and Carrollton. They have contracts with 2600 correctional facilities employing about 1000 people both directly or indirectly. Securus serves over 2200 correctional in Canada and across the USA. It serves more than a million inmates in 45 states. By 2016, Securus had invested over $600 on patents, technologies, and acquisition. This investment had happened in three years.


The above assets and clients make Securus Technologies the best leader in providing comprehensive, responsive customer service and innovative technology solution. In its time, it made several acquisitions. In 2012, they acquired the Primonics and DirectHit system at an unknown value in 2013; they purchased Archonix system and a Satellite track for inmates. To ensure a smooth operation they bought several portfolios in 2014 and 2015. They were able to obtain Telerus, JLG, Jpay, Guarded Exchange, and Cellblox.


Securus Technologies has managed to control contraband cell phones in the inmate facilities. By 2016, Access solution a branch of Securus Technologies had managed to receive approval from over five departments of correctional facilities. In 2016 it partnered with Harris Corporation on the cell defender technology. The cell defender was a wireless containment measure which would see the control of contraband cell phones from connecting to other mobile phones.


Over some years, Securus has been receiving emails from clients with positive responses, the customer care selected some comments on using technology in safeguarding our correctional facility. These comments include;


  • One said that they were impressed with the vision. He added that the development will enable investigation and will improve the jail posture.


  • Because the calls were monitored, the correctional facility would have the ability to know the habit like drug use and alcohol use. They will also be able to listen to conversations regarding transfer of money and so much more.


Controlling Gang Violence in Jail Using the Securus Technologies System

One of the biggest issues in my jail is gang violence. If you are not walking around paying close attention, you could be the next one who winds up seriously hurt in the cross-fire between rival gangs. Then add into the mix that these gangs hate the police, and if they have the chance to lash out at us they will. We have to take measures each day to limit the incidents between officers and gang members in jail.


To control the violence, we have to make sure these inmates are not getting anything illegal from the outside. The easiest way to do this is have a visitor simply smuggle something in during visiting hours and pass it to the inmate. We do several body searches and x-ray scans to locate anything, but it is not a perfect science. Things still find their way to the inmates.


Once my prison was selected to have the team at Securus Technologies install their call monitoring system, we knew immediately we had a new resource in our efforts to control the gang violence in our facility. This call monitoring system is so powerful that it can do the work of a half-dozen officers while we focus our efforts on searching cells for contraband. It alerts my team anytime something is mentioned on the phone about illegal contraband.


This week we got several alerts that lower-ranking gang members were discussing how a soldier could get the drugs by an officer on visiting day. We arrested that suspect when he walked into our jail. We heard top-ranking gang members talking about how business should be conducted on the streets, and which soldiers were going to be coming to jail and taking action behind bars to settle scores. Each day we get more information that allows us to tighten down on the violence.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is considered as one of the most prominent companies issuing their technology services to the inmate facilities in the United States. For the company, they always engage in the application of capabilities in the United States. Securus Technologies Company has also worked with the United States Better Business Bureau to get both an A+ accreditation and the highest form of Rating. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company was accredited with the A+ rating and accreditation as a way of implementing better business deals. The company has also shown the highest form of maturity in the correctional industry to receive the accreditation.


Securus Technologies Company is one of the most prominent companies working to facilitate better business in the industry. For those who are willing to accept the amount stated in the issue, you must first accept the acknowledgment that Securus Technologies Company as a prominent correctional marketer. Securus Technologies Company received an accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau with the highest accreditation form because they are leading in the development of the most sophisticated solutions to their clients. They also engage in printing and issuing straightforward material in the industry. Because of this accreditation, Securus Technologies Company has gained massive amounts of informative statements in the industry.


Securus Technologies Company is also one of the leading providers of criminal and civil technology solutions in the industry. For the company, they have stayed ahead of the remaining companies in the inclusion of technology solutions to reinforce corrections, investigations, and safety in the correctional industry. Securus Technologies Company, in an announcement, stated that they received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Danny de Hoyos is the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies Company. According to him, the company has worked hard with the aim of improving the life of inmates in the correctional facilities.

Securus Goes Out Of Its Way To Show Commitment To Excellence

Securus has built a 220 seat in the house call center. It is the largest call center in the entire industry. This opens up many channels of communication between customers and the telecommunications company in order to resolve any issues. This massive call center allows them to field more than 2.5 million inquiries per month and their performance rating is outstanding. Over 99% of issues are resolved on the same day during the first call. And the average call is picked up within 11 seconds. There is no waiting, no listening to annoying elevator music and virtually no frustration.


This is what got the telecommunications company and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau recently.The telephone company serves government contracts to provide telephone services to prisons and jails around the country. In fact, the company has over 1.2 million prisoners under its umbrella. These prisoners and their families could easily be held captive by a greedy company, but they are lucky to be serviced by Securus. Instead of jacking up protocol rates through the roof, the company invests in customer service in order to please prisoners and their families.


And this should be good news for anybody reading this article. Studies show that when an inmate communicates with their family and loved ones on the outside of the prison regularly, they are less likely to commit a crime when released. This affordable service is actually driving down crime rates throughout the country. And to show their commitment even further, Securus volunteered to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


The Better Business Bureau does not throw around accreditation lightly. They hold each company looking to be accredited to an eight point checklist and Securus passed with flying colors. In the end, you can trust that this company is honest and transparent.

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Investigator Pro 4.0, Securus Technologies Newest Software Explained

Investigator Pro 4.0 has been released to the security market as the latest in voice security software. This software system is unique in the fact that it is the first program that can use voice sampling technology to record either an inmate or individual calling into or out of a facility and then use that sample for voice recognition.

This software helps investigators with increased biometric security by running a search using the voice in question through many different recorded conversations. Before investigators would only have one piece to a puzzle and now with the voice search technology, they can put the whole puzzle together and stop crimes before they happen.

Investigator Pro 4.0 helps answer questions such as:

Is the individual in question talking to other inmates in the same facility?

Was the person calling ever an incarcerated person themselves?

Are released inmates calling incarcerated inmates?

Plus Investigator Pro 4.0 works within the Securus network and offers features such as: voice identification confidence ratings to ensure the highest probability for a voice recognition match, and high interest group tagging to help uncover gang related or person of interest activities.

Securus Technologies is one of the top inmate communications companies in the nation and is always leading the way with new technology for public safety. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides information management, public safety, biometric analysis, emergency response, and investigation management to over 3,400 facilities and for 1,200,000 inmates nationwide.