Stream Energy; Home of Electricity and Energy products

Electricity is essential in human life. Lighting, entertainment systems, communication systems as well as providing energy for machines/devices operations are some of the critical functions of electricity. Therefore, electricity should be available to many at affordable prices. Stream Energy is the leading retail electricity provider based in Dallas. Stream Energy provides energy products that meet clients’ needs. The company also allows customers to enjoy free energy when they share with others.


Stream Energy was launched and licensed in 2005. The company has been providing retail electricity and natural gas to clients. Currently, the company is providing electricity and quality energy products in Georgia, New Jersey, Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland as well as Illinois. The company has generated over $8billion revenue in just 12 years, and it has become the number one direct selling company in the global energy market.


On top of electricity services, Stream Energy specializes in wireless service. They have come up with individual plans of data as well as shared data plans. These wireless services are affordable and reliable. Stream Energy has also come with digital voice services which are well priced that enable individuals to stay connected to their homes or offices from anywhere. The services are reliable, and many people are enjoying smart home services ( Stream has highly trained personnel with vast experience in every service they offer.

On their bog, Stream Energy gives tips on how to reduce electricity bills. When electricity bills reduce, people can save some money which they can spend on other bills. Many people think that when home gadgets are not in use but plugged in an electric source don’t consume electrical energy. But this is completely untrue. A good example is a coffee maker. When people completely shut off the energy of the coffee maker, $1 is saved yearly. This also applies to computer screens, printers as well as game console. Music system can save you significant amount annually by just shutting it off and unplugging it when not in use.


Therefore, to avoid phantom drains shut down all the gadgets and unplug them from the power source when not in use. This will help in lowering your electrical bills. It is also advisable to use usage monitoring tools to watch your energy spending. Save money by eliminating phantom drain.