Ara Chackerian, Investing in Our Future

The economy is continuing to expand in a multiplicity of areas. Perhaps the most so is the area of business startups. And quite possibly the best startups are in the area of healthcare. Still, many investors are becoming more and more impatient, wanting visible results immediately. Healthcare investor, Ara Chackerian, is one of the more patient veterans. In particular, he believes that digital imaging, A.I., and robotics will all play huge roles in medicine in the future. He is patiently waiting because he knows such developments take time to perfect.


Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. His biggest role right now is as Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. For the past two decades, he has started and led a vast amount of healthcare companies. In the past he has served as CEO of BMC Diagnostics; Executive Chairman of PiplineRX, Mint Medical Education, TMS Health Solutions, and several other companies; and Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical. All of this in in the San Francisco Bay area. He is particularly committed to investing in the usage of technology in medicine.


He is also a very environmental-conscious investor, always making the maximum effort to ensure his companies are always environmental friendly. To this end, he has also invested in companies that actively take care of the environment, such as Limonapa, SA, a sustainable reforestation Teak plantation in Nicaragua. Other such investments include CREA Nicaragua and Nor Luyce. He is also committed to charitable giving. He and his wife have founded many different non-profits over the course of the past two decades. You can visit Medium to know more.


The primary focus of most of these institutions is youth development and education. Chackerian entered his adult by earning his B.S. in marketing from Florida State University. It was not long after this that he determined to commit his career to investing, particularly investing in healthcare advancement.



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Jeff Yastine and Value Stocks

An enormous hack took place and it’s quite familiar territory for everyone at this point, sadly enough. Things are different in this case, though. The latest hack didn’t involve a film studio, credit reporting firm or retail business in any way. These were common in recent years. The hackers that were involved in this newest scheme didn’t have the desire to get unsuspecting peoples’ credit card numbers, either. They weren’t trying to get access to movies that hadn’t yet seen theatrical releases. They weren’t even trying to get their hands on social security numbers. Their aim was something more comparable to an online bank robbery. They’re believed to have stolen $31 million in cryptocurrency value from a company that’s known as Tether. Tether, in short, assists bitcoin traders who wish to change cryptocurrency assets into United States dollars. It assists bitcoin traders who want to take the opposite approach as well.

This troubling theft indicates the reason cybersecurity is exceedingly difficult. Stopping talented hacker attacks is barely realistic. It can be particularly complicated to stop attacks that are orchestrated by numerous hackers all at the same exact time. There are large firms that are relying on a different technique nowadays. Cybersecurity attacks essentially are unstoppable. That’s the reason it may be intelligent for people to try to supervisor hacker dangers. The biggest problem with hacker attacks lies in the fact that these people gain the ability to move above data networks for extended timespans. They can do this without companies knowing. Hackers have been able to get into systems for longer than two full months at a time. It took people a long while to finally realize that illicit hacker activity was actually taking place.

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There are increasing numbers of cybersecurity businesses nowadays that are trying to supervise all of their offerings. This should lead to the presence of openings that are perhaps a lot more lucrative for people who are part of the investment universe.

Jeff Yastine is a key player on Delray Beach, Florida’s Banyan Hill Publishing team. His nickname is just “JL.” He enthusiastically edits a newsletter by the name of Total Wealth Insider. He’s been with the Banyan Hill Publishing crew since 2015. He became the company’s editorial director at that time. He’s a professional who knows the intricacies of stock market investments. He’s also been a diligent and assiduous financial journalist. He’s a reliable value stocks aficionado.

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Investing Explained By Igor Cornelsen

Brazilian banking legend, Igor Cornelsen has been known as one of the most important financial figures in Brazil since the 1990s when he made the decision to embark on a career as a specialist in investment banking. Using the fast-moving Brazilian economy as the basis of his education in the markets, Cornelsen understands the path to financial security for as many of his clients and followers as possible does not always run smoothly which has led to his personal beliefs and strategies being created to provide as much certainty of success as possible. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Among the areas, Igor Cornelsen has taken on as his champion investment opportunities include the need to diversify any portfolio to create a successful future speared the problems of issues facing a single area. The investment specialist who now spends the majority of his time in semi-retirement playing golf in Southern Florida but he also feels his skills as an investment specialist have not dimmed over time and give him the chance to pass on his own ideas and strategies to his followers on social media. A diversified portfolio of Cornelsen means one taking an investor to different industrial areas and a range of investment opportunities in nations across the planet.

There are two areas the Brazilian financial analyst uses to provide his followers with a glimpse into the latest news and advice about the financial markets including a growing interest in social media. Using Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter has allowed the former investment banker to explain his views on the latest moves on the financial markets in a real-time way. Read more about Igor Cornelsen

Not only does Igor Cornelsen believe his skills can aid any individual and company in developing a successful investment strategy for their own economic future but he also explains his belief he should inspire as many people as possible to invest from as early an age as possible. Making sure one can also live a comfortable life is another tip from Cornelsen as he believes taking care of the present is just as important as investing in the future.


Vijay Eswaran sees a future fueled by startups

In light of staggering advances in technology, Vijay Eswaran, co-founder and executive chairman of the QU Group, sees entrepreneurship as the path to the future.

New technology continues to take over jobs while the population keeps growing, causing greater competition among workers. These changes are making it harder for freshly graduated students to follow the traditional path of finding employment as a means of gaining work experience.

This is why it is so important for universities to teach students the skills they need to start their own businesses and give them the confidence it takes to take risks and give life to their ideas.

Eswaran concedes that starting a business is not for everyone, there are positives and negatives to consider when determining which path one chooses to follow. However, those who appreciate less delegation, fast-paced work, open communication, and watching an idea grow from conception would enjoy the experience of working for a startup.

For students trying to decide whether entrepreneurship is right for them, He emphasizes the importance of learning about the business cycle and choosing the path that is right based on careful consideration of their personal and career goals.

Eswaran is an accomplished entrepreneur. He graduated with a degree in socioeconomics at the London School of Economics and went on to obtain an MBA from Southern Illinois University. In 1998, he and Joseph Bismark cofounded the direct-selling firm, QI Group. He was 38 years old at the time.

The firm, which prides itself on following the examples set by Gondi, now spans the globe, operating in 30 countries and employing more than 1500 workers.

Eswaran later went on to create the RYTHM foundation as a means to help others around the world.

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